‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4: Mary Fitzgerald Says Fans Can Expect a ‘More Positive’ Davina Potratz

Selling Sunset Season 3 ended with a tense moment between Davina Potratz, Mary Fitzgerald, and Chrishell Stause. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Fitzgerald over Zoom, where we learned more about her relationship with Potratz and where they stand today. The Selling Sunset star also shared what fans can expect to see from Potratz in season 4 of the Netflix series.

Mary Fitzgerald glances back sitting at her desk; Davina Potratz listening to a colleague in 'Selling Sunset'
Mary Fitzgerald; Davina Potratz | Netflix

Davina Potratz and Chrishell Stause’s divorce conversation at Christine Quinn’s wedding 

In the final episode of Selling Sunset Season 3, Potratz and Fitzgerald got into an argument about speaking to the press regarding Stause’s divorce from Justin Hartley. Earlier in the episode, Heather Rae Young explains how a reporter caught her off guard during an interview about her and Tarek El Moussa’s relationship. When asked about supporting Stause in her divorce, the reporter took Rae Young’s words and ran with them.

As Fitzgerald explains to Potratz: “The rest of us are like, ‘No comment. We support her; she’s the best.'” 

“I’m not backing anybody up here, but I’m just saying everyone has their own side in every situation,” Potratz says to the women of The Oppenheim Group. “We don’t know any details. To be fair, obviously Justin has his own side, right?” 

Many fans were shocked by what Potratz said. But according to Fitzgerald, the Selling Sunset star has done a lot of looking inward. 

Mary Fitzgerald says most of the ‘Selling Sunset’ cast is ‘good’ with Davina Potratz 

We had to ask about Potratz’s comments in the season 3 finale and where Fitzgerald stands with her co-star during our call. “I’m good with Davina,” Fitzgerald explains. “We all are. Well, most of us are now.” 

“I think she got a lot of heat from fans and she didn’t like the way people were perceiving her,” Fitzgerald continues. “I was like, ‘Well. They were your actions.'” 

In the time since season 3, Fitzgerald says Potratz did a lot of “self-reflection” and “didn’t want to be that person anymore.” As Fitzgerald reports, Potratz has “worked really hard to be more positive and nice.” 

“I’m very impressed with the changes that she’s made,” she says. “Can’t say the same for Christine right now,” Fitzgerald adds regarding her relationship with Quinn. “Hopefully she’ll get — she’ll come around to it.” 

‘Selling Sunset’ star Davina Potratz says ‘you don’t see the whole conversation’

Contrary to what fans see on the Netflix series Selling Sunset, Potratz is a happy person. “If you don’t show me smiling or being warm and fuzzy, then it looks like all I am [in] the 10% where I had a bad moment,” she told Variety in August 2020.

In her opinion, there are “thousands of hours of footage” production has to work with that gets boiled down into 30-minute segments. Sometimes, things get taken out of context. 

“I don’t think Adam [DiVello] is intentionally trying to give me such an edit,” Potratz explained to the outlet. “I think that he just made the show as entertaining and dramatic as possible, and I did say those things. You don’t see the whole conversation; you don’t see how the other person reacted.” 

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Potratz says her “wish overall” for her character on Selling Sunset is that fans get to see more of her entire personality. “I’m a very warm and sweet person and the whole cast knows that; production knows that,” she says. According to Fitzgerald, fans will get to see this side of Potratz in season 4. 

Stream new episodes of Selling Sunset on Netflix starting Nov. 24, 2021.