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Netflix’s Selling Sunset is another series capitalizing off of viewers’ desire to see luxury houses and reality TV drama. The show follows a group of real estate agents from the Oppenheim Group, a brokerage in Los Angeles. The agents work to sell expensive homes in the area while also navigating personal problems along the way.

One cast member in particular, Davina Potratz, is showing people just how difficult it can be to work in real estate. Much of her story line has been centering on a $75 million Beverly Hills home that is on the market. However, luxury realtors believe Potratz might never be able to sell that house unless the price is lowered.

Davina Potratz
Davina Potratz | Netflix

Davina Potratz has been struggling to sell a $75 million home since season 2

Viewers were first introduced to the $75 million home in season 2. It is located at 1021 North Beverly Drive and owned by real estate developer Adnan Sen. According to the Oppenheim Group’s listing, the house has 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and over 18,000 square feet in total.

However, Potratz’s boss, Jason Oppenheim, initially was against her taking on the listing. Oppenheim has always maintained that the home is “overpriced,” which would make it hard to sell.

Potratz ended up taking on the listing anyway, though even by the end of the season 3, the house remained on the market. It still has yet to be sold.

What has Davina Potratz say about the house?

Since the beginning, Potratz has been determined to sell the house. Despite the fact that she has been struggling to get offers for it, Potratz still seems optimistic.

She told Screen Rant recently, “It is a great opportunity. It’s almost two million dollars in commission. So I think anyone who knows all the facts should certainly give it a shot.”

Potratz also shared that she knows the house is “overpriced,” but homeowner Adnan Sen is reportedly willing to consider other offers that are not $75 million.

“[Adnan] lives at the house. He is not super motivated to sell it,” Potratz admitted. “Now with that being said, if he gets an offer at 50 million I think he would consider it. He doesn’t want to admit it to me that ‘yeah I know maybe 75 is too much,’ but he is not going to say that. No one would. That’s his job. He wants to get the most money out of it. I totally get that.”

Luxury realtors believe the price should be anywhere from $30 to 50 million


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Other luxury realtors who understand the market in Los Angeles has also weighed in about the house. Many believe $75 million is too high for where the house is located.

“[$75 million] is an outrageous asking price,” Marc Noah, a realtor for Hilton & Hyland in Los Angeles, told Vice. “It’s not like you have dead-on, insane views. It’s right off of Coldwater Canyon—that part of Beverly is a busy street. It’s not that big, and it’s not like it’s the most prime location in Beverly Hills.”

On the show, Jason Oppenheim asked Potratz to negotiate another price with Sen—preferably somewhere around $50 million. Sen has refused to change his price, but some luxury realtors believe $50 million is, indeed, a fair amount. Others, like Noah, believe $30 million is a lot more realistic.

In any case, since neither Potratz nor Sen seem extremely motivated to lower the price of the house, it could sit on the market for a long time.