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The new Selling Sunset spinoff is here, and the realtors have some terrible boundaries with each other. Kayla Cardona gets called out for trying to kiss Tyler Stanaland, who is married to a celebrity.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for Selling The OC Season 1 Episode 6.]

Kayla tried to kiss Tyler in front of Polly on ‘Selling The OC’

Episode 5 showed Polly Brindle, Alex Hall, Austin Victoria, Sean Palmieri, Brandi Marshall, and Tyler having lunch together. They talked about Kayla’s actions the night before.

“Yeah, Kayla was totally wasted,” Sean claimed. “I’m so f****ing offended by Kayla’s behavior last night,” Polly said. “After a few drinks, she tries to make out with the married men in the office.” Tyler, who is married to Brittany Snow, revealed, “She genuinely tried to kiss me.”

Polly added, “This has happened in front of me twice!” She said it was triggering to her since her marriage ended because of infidelity. 

Austin said, “The way she did it though, she’s literally saying, ‘No one has to know.’” Tyler confirmed Kayla said those words to him.

He said he was going to separate himself from the situation. Polly and Alex said he shouldn’t have to, and they want Tyler around more than Kayla.

‘Selling The OC’ cast confronts Kayla

Kayla returned to the office later in the episode. She told Brandi she called her to piece the night together because the other realtors were acting differently. Kayla asked to talk to Polly privately.

“Your behavior is a big deal,” Polly told her. Kayla asked why she was getting involved. “You’ve done it in front of me, that’s why,” Polly explained. “I’m involved because you involved me by behaving like that in front of me. I have the right to say I am not OK with this behavior.”

They returned to the office and talked about the situation with Alex and Brandi. Polly asked if she was going to apologize to everyone instead of just Tyler.

“I’m horrified, absolutely horrified,” Kayla said. “I really am. I’m very embarrassed.”

Kayla apologized to Tyler

Kayla Cardona wipes a tear from her eye with a napkin from 'Selling The OC'.
Kayla Cardona from ‘Selling The OC’ | Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2022

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Episode 6 showed Kayla and Tyler meeting up to address the issue. “I know the other night I made a huge mistake,” she told him. “And I…don’t remember everything, but I do remember my attempt. I guess I tried to kiss you or something, and I’m really, really, sorry.”

She claimed he’d never be put in that situation again. Tyler admitted he felt uncomfortable, and it wasn’t the first time. He said moving forward, they need boundaries as fellow realtors of The Oppenheim Group. Tyler even apologized to her.

“My wife and I are strong,” he said. “We communicate. There is no issue between us. Like, nothing happened.”