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Another Selling Sunset spinoff is here showcasing another area. Selling The OC kicked off with some major drama matching the expensive real estate.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for Selling The OC Season 1 Episode 1.]

The ‘Selling The OC’ cast is against Alexandra Rose

Episode 1 showed Alex Hall hosting a dinner with Austin Victoria, Kayla Cardona, Polly Brindle, and Sean Palmieri as her guests. They started talking about Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis.

“So like Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis, like they’re bringing in some great listings,” Sean said. “But like this like weird, awkward energy that starts coming in. It’s a little–.”

Polly mouthed, “She’s mental.” Kayla asked her why she hated Jarvis. 

“Cause she’s the worst person in the f***ing world,” she answered. “I hate her,” she added. Polly further explained that she tried to bond with Jarvis, but it didn’t go well.

Kayla claimed Jarvis was cool but had a problem with Rose. They used to work together closely. “Slowly but surely, she started talking sh*t on every single person,” Kayla claimed, except for Austin because she has a crush on him. Kayla said she cut Rose off when she said Jarvis was her closest friend.

Kayla said she told Jason Oppenheim about Rose talking about other realtors. Rose called her a “f****ing b*tch” for that, and Kayla froze.

Alexandra Rose claimed they started a rumor of her sleeping for listings

Of course, Rose has a different version of their history together. She accused Kayla of using her to learn everything about the job. Once she became close with all of the other girls in the office, she gave off “bad vibes, vibe energy” to her. Jarvis believes it was jealousy of their friendship. 

“I can’t believe the girls had the audacity to spread rumors about how I get my listings,” Rose told Jarvis. “About how they think that I must sleep around to get big listings. That’s so pathetic. They have no idea what I’ve done to get where I am.”

No one at the dinner table mentioned this rumor specifically. But they questioned how she’s been doing so well because she’s awkward with them. How is she so different with clients to sell them big listings?

Who started the rumor?

Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose and Alex Hall from 'Selling The OC' sit next to each other facing a man by the water.
(L to R) Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose and Alex Hall from ‘Selling The OC’ | Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2022

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The episode ended with a grand opening party for the Oppenheim Group location. The cast was able to address their problems, including the rumor.

Rose claimed Alex told her that Polly made a comment that she slept with a developer for a listing. Alex claimed that never happened. 

Rose owned up to calling Kayla a b*tch and apologized. But they hardly ended things on good terms. Fans will have to keep watching to see if the rumor keeps getting mentioned.