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The season 2 finale of M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller, Servant, ended with Rupert Grint’s character, Julian, surviving a terrifying drug overdose. And according to Grint, when the Apple TV+ series returns for season 3, Julian will be a changed man. 

How did ‘Servant’ Season 2 end for Julian?

Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint in 'Servant'
Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint in ‘Servant’ | Apple TV+

Julian spent most of Servant Season 2 playing detective, discovering more about his sister Dorothy’s (Lauren Ambrose) nanny, Leanne (Nell Tiger Free). But the pressure and pain of what happened to Jericho, compounded by the drama in the Turner household, catches up to him. 

At Dorothy’s Christmas Eve dinner, Julian goes to the bathroom and takes drugs. As he tries to listen to voicemails from his girlfriend, Julian gets dizzy and collapses. After a while, when he doesn’t come out, his father’s girlfriend alerts everyone to open the door.

The family finds Julian unconscious on the floor and calls an ambulance. Sean (Toby Kebbell) tries to resuscitate him, but when it doesn’t work, Leanne jumps in and brings Julian back.. In the finale’s last scenes, Julian is awake and taken to the hospital. 

Rupert Grint says Julian will be different in ‘Servant’ Season 3

Servant Season 3 will pick up with the Turners having Jericho and Leanne in the house once again. But in a recent interview with ET, Grint revealed that the series wouldn’t feel the same as it did in seasons 1 and 2.

“It feels like a very different show,” the actor said. “We see a little bit more outside of the house this time, so it was kind of a glimpse of the outside world.”

Grint also talked about his character specifically. And he noted that Julian would be a changed man after the ordeal he faced last season. 

“As well for Julian, he is very different, he has sobered up, he’s really trying consciously to be a better person and to be a healthier person and start this whole regime of like exercising and things,” Grint explained. ”But also, he kind of clears his mind so he can really face the guilt that he has been holding onto from the incident.” 

“The core of the show is about people who are not grieving,” he added. “So, it was really interesting to see that side of him without all of his devices to distract him from that.”

Lauren Ambrose says Dorothy and Julian’s emotional dynamic will deepen

Much of Julian’s pain stems from the tragedy his sister suffered. He helped Sean hide the truth about Jericho’s death from Dorothy and continues to play into her fantasy. As revealed by Lauren Ambrose, who plays Dorothy on Servant, Season 3 will see the brother and sister’s dynamic grow more intense. 


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There’s just so much deception that happens in these relationships,” she told Nightmarish Conjurings. “Having it be foundationally a lie, this sort of denial of reality, denial of the truth, and denial of grief sort of compounds the dysfunction as we continue on through the seasons.”

“There are some great scenes, though,” Ambrose added as she praised her co-star. “Rupert Grint is so great as Julian and I love the scenes of this brother/sister relationship I think is unique on TV and really very funny and heartbreaking. He’s struggling to be sober which is funny and sad but she’s trying to help him with that.”

The Servant Season 3 release date is Jan. 21.