‘Servant’ Season 4 Trailer Teases Leanne Revealing the Truth to Dorothy

The Apple TV+ series Servant, from M. Night Shyamalan, returns for its fourth and final season on Jan. 13, 2023. Debuting on Friday the 13th, a fun wink to the overall creepy nature of the series, the last season looks like it finally gives audiences the answers to all of the questions that have accumulated over the last few years. Here’s a breakdown of the Servant Season 4 trailer.

'Servant' Season 4 production still featuring Toby Kebbell, Rupert Grint, and Nell Tiger Free standing in the kitchen while Grint holds a cake.
‘Servant’ Season 4 premieres on Jan. 13, 2023. | AppleTV+

Uncle George insists Leanne’s intentions are evil

Throughout the entire series, whether Leanne’s (Nell Tiger Free) presence was one of good or evil has flipped back and forth. It seemed, at first, that Leanne brought Jericho back to life as a way to ease Dorothy’s (Lauren Ambrose) grief. Still, something seemed off with the nanny, who came from nowhere. While she possessed some sort of magical power, audiences never knew exactly what that power entailed.

Now, in the Servant Season 4 trailer, we hear Uncle George (Boris McGiver) tell an unknown party that Leanne’s arrival was an act of love, but because of its selfish nature, it wasn’t to simply help the Turners. Leanne leaves quite a bit of death and destruction in her wake when things don’t go her way, but can viewers trust Uncle George?

Dorothy returns in ‘Servant’ Season 4

When we last saw the Turners at the end of season 3, Dorothy lay motionless on the ground after falling through the banister at the top of the steps. We weren’t sure if she survived the fall, but surely, the final season of the series wouldn’t go on without her. In the Servant Season 4 trailer, we see Dorothy return to her home in a wheelchair as Leanne watches with an eerie look on her face.

Dorothy, who called most of the shots within the Turner household, admits Leanne scares her, and it looks like she finally comes around to Sean’s (Toby Kebbell) line of thinking. Leanne’s presence constantly paralleled the Turners’ Brownstone’s evergrowing deterioration, and it looks as though Leanne might not leave until there’s nothing left to destroy.


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Audiences see Leanne embracing the dark side in the ‘Servant’ Season 4 trailer

Leanne’s meek and mild manner added to the confusion regarding whether or not she arrived to help the Turners or not. However, that facade has slowly slipped away over the course of three seasons. The Leanne in Servant Season 4 is certainly not the same Leanne we met in season 1.

One of the biggest overarching storylines revolves around when or if Dorothy remembers Jericho’s fate. Both Sean and Julian (Rupert Grint) went to great lengths to keep Dorothy from remembering, but the full-length trailer teases that Leanne brings the entire fantasy crashing down around Dorothy. In the final scenes of the Servant Season 4 trailer, Leanne ominously asks, “Do you want to hear a secret, Dorothy?”

Things are not going well for the Turners, and it looks like Leanne won’t stop until she’s destroyed everything they love. Tune into AppleTV on Jan. 13, 2023. for the Servant Season 4 premiere.