Seth Rogen Admitted the Crazy Adult Party Scene in ‘Superbad’ Was Based On Real-Life Experiences

Superbad is one of Judd Apatow’s funniest films. Starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and Bill Hader, the story revolves around two high school seniors who hope to lose their virginity before going off to college. 

As crazy as the movie is, it’s truly based on Rogen’s real-life experiences. In fact, several of the events that occurred in the film’s outrageous adult party scene actually happened to Rogen himself. 

‘Superbad’ is based on Seth Rogen’s younger years 

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen and the ‘Superbad’ cast arrive to the premiere of “Superbad” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre | Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

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Although many of the scenes in Superbad seem too ridiculous to have ever happened in reality, some of them did. A large portion of the story is based on Rogen’s years in high school.

“Me and Evan Goldberg, my friend and partner to this day, started writing Superbad when we were in high school, we were in eighth grade, basically,” Rogen said. “And it incorporated a lot of our real-life high school stories. And originally the characters’ names are Seth and Evan, after me and Evan.”

Seth Rogen once got stuck in a room with a bunch of mean guys doing cocaine 

One of the funnier scnes in Superbad is when Michael Cera gets stuck in a room with a bunch of intimidating, strange men who all do cocaine. They coerce him into singing, thinking he’s a singer from another event. 

“There’s a scene where they’re like, the youngest guys at a party full of older guys who start doing coke,” Rogen said. “That happened to me and Evan.”

As awkward as the scene is, it’s based on a moment when Rogen went to a party with much older men when he was just a kid. 

“I did stand-up comedy as a kid, so I would hang out with the stand-up comics sometimes when I was like, 16,” Rogen said. “And one time we went to a party at one of their houses, and they all started doing coke. And we wound up in a room with these guys who were very threatening towards us. It was a lot like the scene in the movie.”

Seth Rogen really got menstrual blood on his pants after dancing with a girl

To make things crazier, the scene with Hill at the party actually happened too. According to Rogen, the setting in real life was at a high school dance, not a wild adult party. 

“The period blood also happened,” Rogen said. “We were at a high school dance and we were in the locker room afterwards, and it essentially played out almost exactly like how it does in the movie.”

Several of the boys in the locker room noticed they all had red spots on their pants, and couldn’t figure out what the cause of them was. 

“Yeah, we were in the locker room and we saw this splotch on this guy’s pants, and we’re all kind of like, trying to figure out what it was and we were like, ‘Dude, were you drinking wine?’” Rogen said. “And then we noticed another group of guys in the other corner of the locker room having the exact same conversation. Like, looking at this splotch on their pants, like, ‘What is it? Did a pen explode in my pocket? Like, what happened?”

Eventually, the boys put their heads together and realized they had all danced with the same girl. 

“And then because there was two—we liked pieced—we saw each other from across the locker room and … we kind of pieced together what happened.”