Seth Rogen Shares What Always Annoyed Him About ‘Pulp Fiction’

Sometimes one big detail can become the itch that just can’t be scratched. For actor Seth Rogen that detail is the difference between the Pulp Fiction promotional pictures and the film itself.

"Pulp Fiction" directed by Quentin Tarantino
“Pulp Fiction” directed by Quentin Tarantino | Andre Coelho/Getty Images

“Since I was 12 years old, it irked me that Sam Jackson has different hair in the promo pics than he does in the movie,” Rogen tweeted in response to a Pulp Fiction anniversary tweet.

Indeed, Jackson rocked a sweet Jheri curl style in the film, which became part of the character’s persona. The promotional photos show Jackson with neatly cropped hair, obviously confounding a 12-year old Rogen.

Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ hair was the perfect accident

Were promotional pictures shot long before director Quentin Tarantino started to film? Apparently, Jackson’s hair in the movie was a point of contention as Tarantino originally envisioned Jackson wearing a “blaxploitation, big afro wig,” according to Variety.

Jackson said the hair choice was determined by accident. “Because Quentin actually wanted me to have an afro wig,” he explained in a video. “So the P.A. he sent out to buy the wig, bought the wrong wig. She bought a Jheri curl wig. She came back with it and he was like, ‘No, no I told you afro!’ But I was like, ‘No, this is totally right.'”

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“I put it on and we had this whole thing,” he continued. “He started fussing about it. And I was like, ‘Look man, everybody in N.W.A. had a Jheri curl at that time.’ This is perfect.” Jackson got Tarantino to understand the P.A. actually returned with the perfect wig.

Some people didn’t see it until now

A few people said they didn’t realize the difference until now. “I wasn’t expecting to be so upset at the Pulp Fiction poster as I am, but this bothers me even more!” one person replied on the Twitter thread.

“The Sam Jackson promo pic definitely bothers me more,” another person wrote. “Jules’ hair was an integral part of the character. Travolta & Thurman had their wigs. I just hope it was Sam’s choice and not something from Harvey.”

One Twitter user simply wrote, “I’ve never seen this photo before and now it bothers me too, thanks Seth.”

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Others expressed feeling the same way about the difference between the promotional pictures and the film Scream. Actor Skeet Ulrich portrayed Billy Loomis, who (spoiler) tag-teamed with buddy Stuart to slaughter teens in the film. “Same w skeet ulrich in scream,” a person replied to Rogen’s tweet with a comparison photo. “Literally a different character completely.”

“Same thing with this shot of Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater wearing duck masks in the trailer for Ruthless People,” another person pointed out. “16-year-old me was unreasonably incensed that it was nowhere in the film. 50-year-old me just had to google the title Ruthless People.”