SEVENTEEN’s Manager Once Revealed What It’s Like to Take Care of Such a Large Group

Being a talent manager is no easy job. Even managing one singer or a small band is tough enough, but some K-pop managers have to deal with a large group.

SEVENTEEN, for example, consists of 13 members, which means they require more than one managers to keep everything running smoothly. Read on below to find out what one manager has to say about taking care of SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Who are the 13 members of SEVENTEEN?

SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015 with 13 members. The group is often divided into sub-units based on specialties.

The Hip-Hop Unit consists of rappers S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. The Vocal Unit consists of singers Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan. Finally, the Performance Unit consists of dancers Jun, Hoshi, The8, and Dino.

SEVENTEEN’s managers have methods to keep the group in order

Managers are usually responsible for overseeing their talents’ safety and well-being. Additionally, they are also responsible for shuffling talents from one place to another for work.

On an episode of the Korean show The Manager, one of SEVENTEEN’s managers, Jeon Young Hwan, appeared to let fans in on a day in his life.

On this particular day, Jeon’s job was to get SEVENTEEN to a music show performance to promote their latest song. In the morning, the members got ready in a hectic fashion, with many of them even using the bathroom at the same time.

Then, SEVENTEEN split into three different cars to go to the broadcast channel. The members are often grouped by their sub-units in order to make things easy for everyone.

While out and about, Jeon and the members revealed an interesting way they keep track of all 13 people. They implemented a roll call where each member is assigned a number based on his age. For example, the oldest member, S.Coups, is number 1 while the youngest member, Dino, is number 13.

While at the broadcast channel, Jeon had to keep SEVENTEEN in order while they waited for their turn to rehearse and perform. He would also have moments of panic when he could not see a member, though usually it would only be because the member was sleeping in a corner or stepped out of the room.

When ordering food, a small group might be able to quickly discuss what to get. However, in SEVENTEEN’s case, Jeon shared that he found it more useful to simply give them three options to vote on. As such, they would not have dragged-out discussions about what to eat for lunch.

Many people have tried managing SEVENTEEN only to quit afterward


Why Do K-Pop Groups Have So Many Members?

Jeon seemed quite competent at his job, but even then, fans could see it is not an easy one. On the same episode, member Seungkwan revealed that, in fact, SEVENTEEN has gone through 15 managers so far in just a few years.

“We have so many members that many of our managers simply quit (due to exhaustion),” Seungkwan said, as reported by Allkpop. “The longest time span that they were able to endure was 6 months. There were a total of about 15 managers who quit since our debut. Even the managers that were really close to us quit without a word.”