‘Sex and the City’: 3 Times Mr. Big Proved He Was Perfect for Carrie Bradshaw

Did Carrie Bradshaw actually belong with Mr. Big? Some Sex and the City fans would say absolutely, while others would argue that Big, for all of his charm, wasn’t emotionally mature enough to give Carrie what she really needed. Regardless of what side of the argument a fan falls on, most agree that there were moments when Mr. Big was pretty swoon-worthy. Do you remember these three moments that proved Big really was perfect for Carrie?

The moment he finally admitted he loved Carrie

Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship ended the first time because he refused to say she was “the one.” The second time around, the pair almost broke up when Carrie told Mr. Big she loved him, and he couldn’t manage to say it back. Eventually, he came through and admitted he loved her, although it was difficult for him to say.

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Sure, Mr. Big might have been emotionally closed off, like Screen Rant suggests, but that didn’t mean he didn’t truly care for Carrie. Yes, he was flawed, but overall his intentions were good, and that might have been enough to make him worth Carrie’s time.

The moment Mr. Big showed up at Carrie’s book signing

There were a lot of moments that Mr. Big truly disappointed Carrie, but every so often, he came through for her. He showed up to meet her friends, even when he didn’t want to, and he was willing to negotiate the terms of their relationship with her at one point. The moment he really proved he cared about Carrie as a person came when they weren’t even in a relationship, though.

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In Season 5, Carrie traveled to California to promote her book. Originally excited to visit the state because Mr. Big had moved out to Napa, Carrie found herself dejected when she realized the large crowd at her book reading wasn’t there for her. She wasn’t even going to bother telling Big she was in town. Mr. Big came through for her, though. He was sitting in the center of the crowd, ready to ask questions. In that moment, Big proved that he was following Carrie’s career, even though they were no longer together.

The moment Mr. Big finally admitted Carrie was “the one”  

Mr. Big almost lost Carrie completely after she jetted off to Paris to live with Aleksandr Petrovsky. He wasn’t deterred, though. Instead of letting Carrie go, he followed her to Paris. After offering to punch Petrovsky for hitting Carrie, Mr. Big delivered the final line that proved he was desperately in love with Carrie.

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Standing on a bridge, Mr. Big finally admitted that Carrie was “the one.” In the end, he made good on his promise. Way back in season 1, Mr. Big promised Carrie that they would get there eventually. It may have taken several years, several heartwrenching breakups, and a couple of serious relationships in between, but they did get there.