‘Sex and the City’: Carrie Bradshaw’s Biggest Fights With Her Best Friends

On the surface, Sex and the City might have seemed like it was about four women’s pursuit of sex and love in New York City. That wasn’t the real theme of the show. When you strip away all of the sultry scenes and one-night stands, Sex and the City was really about the friendship between Carrie Bradshaw and her best friends. That doesn’t mean Carrie never battled with them, though. During the show’s six-season run, she had a major blowout with each one of her closest pals. 

Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbes battled over Mr. Big in season 3 of Sex and the City’ 

Carrie and Miranda Hobbes had the most intense friendship out of the group. Miranda, self-assured and opinionated, never hesitated to tell Carrie exactly what she thought. That means she was more than happy to call Carrie on many annoying behaviors, which led to their worst fights. Picking their worst squabble was difficult, but their season 3 battle over Mr. Big is certainly the most iconic. 

The cast of 'Sex and the City' walks down a New York City street during the filming of the franchise's first movie
The cast of ‘Sex and the City’ | Brian Ach/WireImage

In the season 3 finale, “Cock-a-Doodle-Do,” Miranda lashed out at Carrie when she revealed that she was planning to Mr. Big for lunch after their disastrous affair. Miranda called Carrie “pathetic,” and Carrie reacted by saying Miranda was judgemental. The argument ended when Miranda left the thrift store they were shopping in. They eventually patching things up, partially thanks to Steve Brady.

Carrie and Samantha Jones had a brief falling out over business 

The actors who played Carrie and Samantha Jones have real-life drama, but the on-screen pals got along swimmingly, at least most of the time. During the six-season run of Sex and the City, Carrie and Samantha only disagreed a handful of times. Their worst argument happened when Samantha assumed Carrie was judging her for performing oral sex on a delivery driver at her office. Samantha wasn’t exactly wrong. Carrie was judging her, but Samantha’s reaction was a bit overblown. 

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones and Sarah Jessica Parker on location for 'Sex and the City'
Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw | James Devaney/WireImage

Years later, in the show’s rebootAnd Just Like That…, Carrie and Samantha have fallen out completely. Samantha has moved to London and refuses to answer Carrie’s text. Once again, their fight is over a business decision. It is unknown if the falling out will ever be resolved. 

Carrie lost her patience with Charlotte York over money 

Carrie and Charlotte York rarely fought. In fact, Charlotte and Carrie’s friendship was probably the easiest and least intense of all of her close relationships. Carrie and Charlotte’s only major fight occurred in season 4 when Charlotte quietly refused to offer Carrie the money for the down payment on her apartment. Carrie followed Charlotte home to confront her, and the duo argued in the luxurious foyer of the condo Charlotte was given in her divorce settlement.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis sit at a table while filming 'Sex and the City'
Carre Bradshaw and Charlotte York | Bill Davila/FilmMagic

While the battle was, once again, short-lived, it is the fight that Sex and the City fans talk about most often. Many viewers agree that Carrie was out of line not only to expect Charlotte to offer up the money but to confront her about it. The storyline was dropped, and fans never learned whether Carrie paid Charlotte back

Carrie even fought with Stanford Blatch 

Carrie’s battles were not limited to her female friendships. Carrie had a couple of fights with Stanford Blatch, too. Stanford, Carrie’s only male best friend, always listened to her lament about her past loves and excitedly chatter about her new ones. Carrie wasn’t always there to reciprocate. 

Stanford Blatch, Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes view art in an episode of 'Sex and the City'
The cast of ‘Sex and the City’ | Getty Images

In the season 5 episode, “Critical Condition,” Stanford finally snapped when Carrie refused to acknowledge his new relationship with Marcus Adant. The quarrel was short-lived. Still, it was absolutely the worst argument Stanford and Carrie had on Sex and the City