‘Sex and the City’: Charlotte York Could Have Been Happy With a Different Love Interest

Charlotte York and Harry Goldenblatt made a perfect couple on Sex and the City. Their marriage, their apartment, and their two children ended up being picture-perfect. While Harry is absolutely the best man on the show, Charlotte probably would have done well with one of Carrie Bradshaw’s love interests. When you think about it, Charlotte and Aidan Shaw had a lot in common.

Charlotte York married Harry Goldenblatt in season 6 of Sex and the City

Charlotte York had two major relationships in Sex and the City. Both romances resulted in marriage, and one ended in divorce. Still, Charlotte did a fair bit of dating. Over the course of six seasons, she dated 18 different men, but very few made it past one episode.

Kristin Davis and Evan Handler sit on a bench at the 23rd and Broadway Dogwalk during the filmnig of 'Sex and the City'
Charlotte York and Harry Goldenblatt | James Devaney/WireImage

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Her first marriage to Trey MacDougal occurred after a month-long romance. The pair tied the knot and instantly started having issues. First, they separated after Trey refused to deal with his intimacy issues. Later, they ended their marriage for good after infertility led them in two different directions. Eventually, she met and married Harry Goldenblatt, who gave Charlotte exactly what she needed. Some fans believe she would have been a good match for Aidan, though.

Charlotte and Aidan both had traditional values and shared similar interests

Charlotte and Aidan might not have come from the same world, but they both seemed to want the same things. She wanted to be a doting wife and mother. Basically, Charlotte wanted marriage, family, and everything that came along with that. Aidan was also looking for traditional family life. He eventually found it with a fellow furniture designer, but he probably could have settled down with Charlotte, too.

Kristin Davis sits at the 23rd and Broadway Dogwalk holding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel during a scene for 'Sex and the City' in 2003
Kristin Davis | James Devaney/WireImage

Aidan and Charlotte could have had long-term compatibility for reasons other than their shared, traditional values. Aidan and Charlotte had a lot of the same interests. While Carrie and Samantha preferred the night scene, Charlotte’s brand of fun was a bit more highbrow and took place earlier in the evening. She likely would have been just as happy hanging back at home, too. Charlotte and Aidan were both creatives. Charlotte, an art history buff, and Aidan, a furniture designer, likely had some overlapping interests that Sex and the City writers could have easily highlighted.

Aidan probably would have been able to fulfill Charlotte’s need for romance

When Carrie first met Aidan, he made it clear that he was looking for a little bit of romance and dating before immediately jumping into bed. He was ready to settle down with a special someone and was willing to put in the work to get there. Charlotte was looking for romance, too. While Aidan’s brand of romance was not exactly what Charlotte was looking for, it seems likely that she could have grown to appreciate the way he used acts of service to show his appreciation.

John Corbett as Aidan Shaw and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw sit on the steps of her New York City brownstone during the filming of 'Sex and the City'
Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw in ‘Sex and the City’ | Paramount Pictures/Newsmakers

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Think about it; Charlotte was the only one who was optimistic about Aidan in season 4. Samantha Jones insisted he was too “granola,” which Charlotte dismissed. She pointed out that he stripped her floors and was sweet and caring. On the other hand, she also took a jab at his fashion sense and “tummy.” Still, over time Charlotte learned to be less superficial. It seems like the two could have ended up happily floating together.