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‘Sex and the City’ Fans Have a Theory About Carrie Bradshaw’s New ‘And Just Like That…’ Love Interest

Photos from the set of 'And Just Like That...' revealed Carrie Bradshaw kissing a man that was not Mr. Big. The revelation sent fans into a frenzy. While some believe Carrie and Mr. Big are no more, other fans have an interesting theory about Jon Tenney's involvement in the project.

A recent photo leak from the set of And Just Like That..., the Sex and the City reboot, has fans shook. Photos show Carrie Bradshaw kissing a new potential love interest, and fans are appalled by the notion of Carrie with any man other than Mr. Big. It took years for Carrie and her leading man to figure things out and finally tie the knot. While their relationship never ran smoothly, fans are emotionally attached to the duo together. The kiss has some fans assuming Mr. Big and Carrie have called it quits, but some fans have an interesting theory about what the kiss means. 

Sarah Jessica Parker was spied on the set of ‘And Just Like That…’ kissing another man 

And Just Like That… began filming in July 2021. The much-anticipated series has utilized much of New York as its set, and plenty of pictures have spilled out because of it. Over the last three months, fans of the famed franchise have learned of big casting changes through photos from the set. A recent photo, however, has offered the biggest reveal yet. 

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Tenney are seen on the set of 'And Just Like That...' the Sex and the City reboot
Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Tenney | James Devaney/GC Images

During one evening scene, Sarah Jessica Parker, the actor who portrays Carrie, was seen kissing Jon Tenney. The scene and several subsequent scenes seem to indicate that Carrie is back on the dating market, much to the chagrin of fans. HBO Max has not announced Tenney’s role in the series. 

‘Sex and the City’ fans theorize that the production team is filming scenes to throw viewers off the trail 

And Just Like That… is being filmed in the same way as its predecessor. Instead of filming on a soundstage, the series is employing the streets of New York City as its set. While using the city as the set creates more realism, it also presents some production problems. Simply put, it’s way hard to keep the storyline under wraps when the cast isn’t confined to a closed soundstage. A Reddit user theorizes that the production team is getting creative to keep the show’s storyline under wraps. In short, they think the cast of And Just Like That… is filming fake scenes to keep fans guessing. They hypothesize that the scene of Carrie kissing her unnamed love interest is one of those decoy scenes. 

Kim Cattrall is seen wearing a wedding gown on the set of 'Sex and the City 2' in 2008
Kim Cattrall | Bobby Bank/WireImage

The theory makes a lot of sense when you think about it. A new love interest for Carrie would be a major plot point for the series and one that the production team would have worked pretty hard to keep secret. The very public nature of the scene has led many to assume it’s just a decoy, designed to keep fans guessing. It wouldn’t be the first time a fake scene related to the franchise was filmed. Fans of Sex and the City went wild when Kim Cattrall was spotted in a wedding dress while filming Sex and the City 2. The scene never made it into the film. Cattrall spent six seasons as Samantha Jones. She reprised her role in both movies but declined to reprise her role in the reboot. 

When will HBO Max release ‘And Just Like That…’?

Fans hoping for a bit more clarity about Carrie’s new love interest will have to wait a bit longer. The cast is still filming the show, but there won’t be much time between wrapping production and the show’s premiere. HBO Max announced a December 2021 release date for the show.  

For now, the series will consist of just 10 episodes. Initially, the show was announced as a limited series, but a second season isn’t yet out of the question. HBO Max has not yet announced any further plans, though.