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Mr. Big wasn’t exactly the best when it came to maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. While Carrie Bradshaw insisted they were happier than they had ever been shortly before Mr. Big’s tragic death in the series opener of And Just Like That…, it took them a long time to get there. Mr. Big and Carrie got together and broke up several times, and he was married before her. But how many marriages did the mysterious financier actually have? We have the answer. 

Mr. Big had three marriages during his life 

Mr. Big was married three times in his life. Two marriages played out on screen, and one happened before Mr. Big ever met Carrie Bradshaw. Before hooking up with Carrie, Big was married to a book publisher named Barbara. The length of their marriage is never mentioned. 

Chris Noth smokes a cigar bofore Mr. Big's death in episode 1 of 'And Just Like That...', the 'Sex and the City' reboot
Chris Noth as Mr. Big | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

Mr. Big was also briefly married to Natasha, a 20-something he met while working in Paris. Natasha Najinsky, portrayed by Bridget Moynahan, made several appearances on Sex and the City before she and Mr. Big divorced. She also appeared in a single episode of And Just Like That… 

Finally, a marriage stuck. In Sex and the City: The Movie, Carrie and Mr. Big finally made it official. The duo married at a New York City courthouse after their wedding, planned as a luxurious affair at the New York Public Library, didn’t happen. They remained together until Mr. Big’s death. 

Mr. Big cheated on both his first and second wives 

Mr. Big’s first two marriages didn’t last forever. While we don’t know how long Mr. Big was married to Barbara, we know that his marriage to Natasha fell apart somewhere around month seven. Presumably, they called it quits shortly before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. In both instances, the divorces happened because Mr. Big cheated. 

Bridget Moynahan as Natasha in episode 3 of 'And Just Like That....'
Bridget Moynahan as Natasha | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Big’s first wife, Barbara, revealed that Mr. Big had a wandering eye that wandered directly to her best friend. Sex and the City fans watched his affair with Carrie Bradshaw during his marriage to Natasha play out. The tryst lasted just a month but led to the end of Big’s marriage and the demise of Carrie’s relationship with Aidan Shaw

He never cheated on Carrie, though 

Mr. Big did a lot wrong during his relationship with Carrie Bradshaw. He withheld his affection, pushed her away, and could be really difficult. Still, he loved Carrie, and that much was obvious. In fact, perhaps he was so difficult because she was the first woman that he couldn’t shake. 

Mr. Big, in a suit, stands with Carrie Bradshaw outside of her apartment in season 1 of 'Sex and the City'
Carrie and Mr. BIg | Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

While Mr. Big cheated on both of his ex-wives, he never cheated on Carrie, at least not that we know of. Yes, Carrie did catch him out and about with another woman in season 1 of Sex and the City. Still, that was before they discussed exclusivity. So, the man that Carrie once compared to the Chrysler Building never cheated on her, despite his troubling track record.