‘Sex and the City’: Samantha Slept With This Pal’s Brother

Sex and the City fans will agree that Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) was the highlight of the series. For six seasons, Samantha entertained viewers with her outrageous tales of dating. With a habit of being man-hungry, Samantha went after any man she was attracted to. Although her love life antics were often humorous, they also landed the PR executive in trouble. When she slept with her pal Charlotte York’s (Kristin Davis) brother, it almost led to a fall-out between the two women.

Actor Kim Cattrall attends the fifth season premiere of 'Sex and the City' at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
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Samantha Jones slept with Charlotte York’s brother

Longtime Sex and the City fans may remember the introduction of Charlotte’s brother Wesley York (Jack Mulcahy) during season two. In the Shortcomings episode, Wesley visits Charlotte after going through a separation with his wife, Leslie. Charlotte introduces Wesley to her friends but warns them he’s off-limits. This doesn’t stop Samantha from showing an interest in her friend’s brother.

To Charlotte’s horror, she wakes up one morning to find Samantha in her kitchen. Realizing Samantha slept with Wesley, Charlotte, in a fit of anger, yells at Samantha for being promiscuous. An upset Samantha storms out with Wesley following her.

When Wesley returns, Charlotte tries to convince him to go back to Leslie. However, she’s in for a shock when her brother reveals how bad things are in the marriage, and there’s no hope for reconciliation. He also says being with Samantha is what he needed. At the end of the episode, Charlotte shows up at Samantha’s apartment bearing a basket of muffins as an apology.

Samantha Jones’ ‘Sex and the City’ relationships

Samantha had her share of doozies when it comes to men. Although she’s known to be commitment-shy, she later finds herself in two serious relationships. The first was her romance with her boss Richard Wright (James Remar). As she and Richard grow closer at work, she falls in love with him. Richard showers Samantha with lavish gifts, and before long, they’re declaring their love for each other.

However, Samantha’s happiness is short-lived when she discovers Richard’s infidelity. Richard tries to win Samantha following their breakup. They briefly reconcile but split again when Samantha realizes she’ll never be able to trust Richard.

Samantha’s next big relationship would be with waiter turned actor Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis), who is younger than her. Using her PR skills, Samantha helps Smith launch a successful modeling and acting career. Their relationship is tested by several issues, including Samantha’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Smith is by Samantha’s side as she begins chemotherapy, and in one of the touching moments, Smith shaves his head when Samantha becomes self-conscious about losing her hair.

In the Sex and the City film, Samantha and Smith trade New York for Los Angeles when his acting career takes off. Samantha finds she misses New York and becomes lonely when Smith begins working late. Throughout the movie, she’s tempted by her neighbor Dante (Gilles Marini) but refrains from acting on her feelings. In the end, Samantha and Smith end their relationship, and she moves back to New York. Despite their breakup, the two remain close friends, and Smith makes a cameo in the film’s sequel.

Will Samantha Jones be in the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot?

The Sex and the City gals will be back for the upcoming reboot, well, all except for one. Cattrall reportedly won’t be reprising her role as Samantha in And Just Like That… The actor has been very vocal about not wanting to do Sex and the City anymore. Although some fans secretly hold out hope for a Samantha appearance, odds are it won’t happen.

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According to The Mirror, it’s unknown how the show will explain Samantha’s absence, but fans believe writers will kill off the character. Rumors about Samantha’s death circulated after cast members were recently spotted filming what looked to be a funeral scene. What becomes of the character is still a mystery. However, fans agree that And Just Like That… won’t be the same without Samantha.