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Sex and the City fans are divided over how they feel about Carrie Bradshaw. While many people love Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, others believe she is too immoral. But according to Parker, there are a few significant misconceptions about her most iconic character to date. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker | Bill Davila/FilmMagic

Sarah Jessica Parker explains why Carrie Bradshaw is such a revolutionary character

In an interview with HBO, Parker is asked what makes Carrie Bradshaw such a revolutionary character. Many believe that the role changed the way women are portrayed on television. And according to Parker, she has an idea as to why she paved the way for so many brilliant female roles.

“Carrie was writing about sexual politics and relationships, and men and women’s roles socially, so the conversations were often about intimacy and the role it plays in these women’s lives,” she explained. “That’s what was so new — it involved language that made it new for women to be having these conversations. What was equally as important as the sex, is the way they were sharing and revealing truths of their lives.”

The ‘Sex and the City’ star reveals the biggest misconception about Carrie Bradshaw

There are several misconceptions about Carrie, but fortunately Parker is able to clear them up.

“The biggest misconception about Carrie is that she was only interested in pursuing a sex life,” says Parker. “When really she was interested in the conversations about sex and relationships, and her own and toward love and home. Carrie didn’t really sleep around, and she definitely wasn’t casual about sex.”

Sarah Jessica Parker explains why her character is so relatable

Even though Carrie’s motives can sometimes be questionable, there’s no denying how relatable her character is. Most of us, when asked which Sex and the City character we represent, will say “Carrie.”

But what is it that makes her so relatable?

“The most relatable part about her is her friendships and how real and important those were to her,” said Parker. “Her friendships are complicated, and she often fails like we all do — you fail at love, you fail your friends and yourself. We were never afraid of those flaws in Carrie, and they were illustrated often and accurately. Sometimes people judged her harshly for that, but I was always happy to tell those stories because that’s what made her human and what made people connect with her.”

Sarah Jessica Parker explains why the series is so timeless


Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Her Biggest ‘Sex and the City’ Regret

While speaking to HBO, Parker explained why Sex and the City is such a timeless series.
“The connection the show has made with the audience continues and grows,” she said. “Anybody who’s spent a lot of time doing something in their work life and personal life wants to make a connection. You create a story because you hope to offer it to people, and it will connect — that’s the most meaningful part to me.”