‘Sex and the City’: Sarah Jessica Parker Showed Off Carrie Bradshaw’s New Tutu for ‘And Just Like That’

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City is a bona fide fashion icon. Her designer frocks are the stuff dreams are made of, which is a huge part of what made the series so popular. It was guaranteed that the new reboot, And Just Like That…, would feature some memorable wardrobe moments.

Parker just shared yet another look in anticipation of the reboot’s premiere. This time, the Sex and the City alum donned a longer version of her tutu from the original show’s opening sequence. That iconic skirt has a twirly new look to match the new show’s grow-up aesthetic.

Carrie Bradshaw paired designer looks with cheaper finds on ‘Sex and the City’

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of 'And Just Like That...'
Sarah Jessica Parker | James Devaney/GC Images

Many fans have wondered how exactly Carrie Bradshaw could afford her apartment and closet full of designer shoes with a writer’s salary. But the original Sex and the City was all about the fantasy, not budgeting. And even Carrie wasn’t above a bargain sometimes.

The character frequently paired high-end labels with cheaper finds. One of the best examples of this was that signature tutu skirt that appeared in the opening of every single episode of Sex and the City. Legend has it that costume designer Patricia Field found the short white skirt in a costume bin for a mere $5, Marie Claire reported.

‘And Just Like That…’ has a new tutu for Carrie Bradshaw

Parker is making her return for the series reboot, And Just Like That…, with a more grown-up version of her original look. Fans had incredibly high expectations for Carrie’s wardrobe after seeing how chic it could be on the original six seasons of Sex and the City. But her new outfits aren’t getting the best feedback.

For example, fans are up in arms over a long paisley-print maxi dress that appears to come from the fast-fashion brand Forever21. “Oh I’m hating these outfits it’s not even near the league it was before,” one fan wrote on Instagram. Another agreed, “Carrie would NEVER.”

But the tutu may not inspire so many haters. Feedback on the longer version of the original is overwhelmingly positive. It could have something to do with the dreamy Instagram video Parker posted of herself twirling in the tulle skirt.

‘Sex and the City’ fans need to adjust expectations for the reboot

Super fans of the original show may need to adjust their expectations for the new version. Sex and the City ended in 2004. Now, the actors are older and more mature, which will no doubt lead to different storylines compared to the original. The new series also has a new costume designer who won’t have the exact same perspective as Field.

The new tulle skirt is just one of many surprises Carrie will show off in And Just Like That… While many of the cast members returned for the reboot, one notable absence is Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones. It’s not immediately clear how the show will address her leaving the main ensemble.

And Just Like That… is scheduled to launch in fall 2021.

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