‘Sex and the City’: The 3 Worst Supporting Characters

For six seasons, Sex and the City fans tuned in to see Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York stumble their way through the New York City dating scene. The provocative series was about more than sex and dating, though. At its core, the show was really about four women coming into their own and figuring out what they wanted in life. Along the way, the four main characters ran into a lot of people. Some of the show’s secondary characters were huge wins, while others were mostly despised. Can you guess which three secondary characters were the most hated?  

Richard Wright was truly awful to Samantha Jones

When Samantha landed a job doing the PR for Richard Wright’s hotel properties, she was all business. Eventually the relationship became sexual, and fans were mostly fine with that. Richard, however, stepped up the game and seemed truly interested in having a relationship with Sam. Initially, fans thought Samantha was going to be tamed by Richard and might have found her perfect match. Richard turned out to be awful, though.

James Remar portayed Richard Wright on 'Sex and the City'
James Remar | Maury Phillips/WireImage

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Richard pushed the idea of romance and monogamy on a reluctant Samantha, and when he finally got it, he cheated on her. Richard was not the first or the last cheater the series would see, but his betrayal hit viewers hard. He didn’t need to force romance onto Samantha only to break her heart. The fact that Sam would have been perfectly fine with having an open relationship made Richard’s behavior seem extra harsh. Not to mention, no one wanted to see Samantha hurt by a man.

Bunny McDougal existed only to be hated

Bunny McDougal was by far one of the worst characters to grace the screen in Sex and the City. Sure, Bunny was never in a relationship with any of the four main characters, but she might as well have been considering how often she injected herself into Charlotte and Trey McDougal’s marriage. Trey was pretty awful, too, but he was awful in a benign, clueless way. Bunny was cold, calculated, and demanding. She also went out of her way to embarrass Charlotte and make her feel terrible, even when it was clear Charlotte was struggling to make peace with the fact that her marriage wasn’t what she dreamt it would be.

Frances Sternhagen portrayed Bunny McDougal on 'Sex and the City'
Frances Sternhagen | George Wilhelm/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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Screen Rant argues that Bunny was a one-dimensional WASP character, but she was more than that. Bunny crossed over from the tired stereotype of old money into a downright creepy and controlling figure more than once during her short tenure on the series. The final straw for fans came when it became obvious that Bunny was taking Trey and Charlotte’s divorce way worse than Trey. Thankfully, Charlotte got her happy ending with Harry Goldenblatt, and Bunny was never heard from again.

Vaughn Wysel seemed to be an abuser in the making

While many fans would argue that Jack Berger or Aleksandr Petrovsky were Carrie’s worst boyfriends, there is another, often-forgotten secondary character who was way worse. In Season 2, Carrie was fresh off of another big heartbreak. She met Vaughn Wysel at a writing event, and the two started dating. Vaughn seemed like a nice enough guy, and Carrie was instantly drawn to his family. Vaughn had one big problem though, he dealt with premature ejaculation. That wasn’t a huge problem for fans, though, and Carrie seemed willing to work with him on the issue. In fact, she was incredibly kind about the whole thing.

Justin Theroux played Vaughn Wysel on 'Sex and the City'
Justin Theroux | Scott Gries/Getty Images

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The real problem with Vaughn was how he decided to address the problem. Vaughn was defensive, aggressive, and incredibly snappy. His willingness to throw a fit at his family’s home, embarrassing his new girlfriend in the process, did little to endear him to fans. In fact, some fans have questioned whether Vaughn displayed abusive traits to avoid talking about his medical problem. Thankfully, Carrie and Vaughn’s relationship was short-lived. Fans would have happily watched the late Valerie Harper portray Vaughn’s mom for a few more episodes, though.