‘Sex and the City’: Was Harry Goldenblatt More Compatible With Miranda Hobbes?

Sex and the City fans were thrilled when Charlotte York let go of her preconceived notions of the perfect man and married Harry Goldenblatt. Sure, he didn’t look the way she expected, but he ended up being perfect for Charlotte. While the couple is relationship goals for many fans of the series, Harry probably would have been a good fit with another one of the ladies. Could Harry and Miranda Hobbes have made a good pair?

Miranda Hobbes settled down with bartender, Steve Brady

Miranda was bitterly single when Sex and the City began, but not in any rush to settle down. When she met Steve Brady in a bar, the couple had instant chemistry. Their relationship had several major starts and stops, but overall, they made things work. After they had a baby together, Miranda realized she was in love with Steve. Eventually, they got married and moved to Brooklyn to raise their son.

David Eigenberg and Cynthia Nixon hug during the filming of 'Sex and the City'
Steve Brady and Miranda Hobbes | Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

While Miranda and Steve had a seemingly happy ending, their relationship was never easy. They broke up more than once, and each time, the breakup heavily highlighted their incompatibility. While they had love for each other, they weren’t exactly the most compatible couple on the show.

Sex and the City fans aren’t convinced that Steve was the best man for Miranda, though

Steve might have many fans, but not every Sex and the City viewer is convinced he was that great of a guy. Steve had some seriously troubling attributes that made him pretty incompatible with Miranda. While they battled through their issues and got married, it doesn’t mean that their relationship was perfect.

Evan Handler, Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg pose for a photyo together at the opening night party for 'String Fever' in New York City
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Steve regularly guilted Miranda into fitting into his life instead of working to fit into her world. He was forceful and aggressive when Miranda wouldn’t make a snap decision, like having a child or buying a puppy. Most importantly, Miranda’s professional success threatened Steve. To deal with his insecurities, he seemed to make her feel bad about prioritizing her profession over her relationship.

Miranda Hobbes and Harry Goldenblatt might have been a good couple

If Steve wasn’t Miranda’s perfect match, fans think she probably could have been happy with Harry Goldenblatt. Harry married Charlotte York in season 6 of Sex and the City. While the on-screen couple has had Sex and the City fans swooning since they met, Miranda and Harry have far more in common if you think about it.

Evan Handler as Harry Goldenblatt stands on the set of 'Sex and the City: The Movie' during the movie's wedding scene at the New York Public LIbrary
Harry Goldenblatt | James Devaney/WireImage

Harry and Miranda shared a profession, point out fans. While professional compatibility isn’t everything, the fact that they were both lawyers would be a good starting point. Unlike Steve, Harry could easily understand the workload Miranda had to take on without getting his feelings hurt. More importantly, Harry was just as level-headed and authentic as Steve but was far more self-assured. Miranda, with her independent personality, needed someone who could easily compete with her. Steve wasn’t it, but Harry could have been.