‘Sex and the City’: Which Character Dated The Most Men?

At its core, Sex and the City was really about the relationship between four women, but the men they hooked up with was an important element of the show, too. Throughout six seasons, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones had more than a few boyfriends. The New York Daily News counted 95 partners, while Buzzfeed suggested the ladies had 107 different love interests across the show’s 94 episodes. One question remains, though, who had the most romantic partners and who had the least?

Charlotte and Carrie hooked up with the same number of men

Carrie might have shared personality traits with each of her friends, but she seemed to have the most in common with Charlotte. The two pals even slept with the same number of men during the duration of the series.  The New York Daily News did the math and found that throughout six seasons, Charlotte and Carrie both hooked up with 18 men each.

Charlotte, who was obsessed with the notion of being a wife and mother, actually had fewer serious relationships than her counterpart. She had two serious relationships during the series, both resulting in marriage. She agreed to marry Trey McDougal after knowing him just a few weeks; then she married her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt. Between the two, though, Charlotte had a string of casual encounters. She briefly dated Alexander Lindley, who ended their relationship to enroll in therapy. She also briefly dated a man named Mike and a widower named Ned, but neither relationship lasted more than an episode.

Carrie, whose sex column made her famous, actually had the most serious relationships out of her pals. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Mr. Big spanned the majority of the show’s first three seasons. She nearly married Aidan Shaw; then, she tried to make things work with a fellow writer, Jack Berger. Finally, Carrie fell into a serious relationship with Aleksandr Petrovsky in the show’s last season.  Between each of her great loves, Carrie had a few casual hookups, and a few short-lived relationships, too. She briefly dated Vaughn Wysel and had a short-lived romance with Bill Kelley, a politician who broke up with her over her seedy sex column.

Miranda was the least active in the dating scene

High-powered lawyer, Miranda, was the most selective when it came to dating. Over the course of the series, she hooked up with 17 different men. There may be a couple of reasons for that. Miranda, unlike her friends, was more comfortable with the concept of being alone, and her pregnancy took her out of the dating world for a spell. Still, Miranda managed to amass some interesting relationships and hookups.

During the series, she had three serious relationships. First, she dated Skipper, who clearly took their courtship more seriously than her, then she moved to an on-again-off-again-on-again relationship with Steve Brady, who she ultimately married. During one of their off periods, she managed to get involved with the gorgeous doctor who moved into her building. Dr. Robert Leeds was perfect until Miranda decided she was still in love with Steve.

She also had some not-so-great romantic interests. Elle pointed out that Miranda dated Roger Cobb, a single father, briefly, and also hooked up with Josh, an orthodontist who couldn’t satisfy her needs. She also had a brief relationship with Doug, a cartoonist who couldn’t respect Miranda’s bathroom boundaries.

Samantha Jones had the most partners

Samantha, the most sexually liberated of the group, was always on the hunt for a new man, and she wasn’t shy about it, so it should come as no surprise that she is the Sex and the City character who had the most romantic partners. Samantha, according to the New York Daily News, slept with 41 men and one woman during the show’s six-season run.

Even though Samantha was dedicated to her pursuit of the perfect one-night stand, she still had a few serious relationships. In the show’s second season, Samantha fell head over heels for James, but trouble in the bedroom ended their courtship. She moved on to Richard Wright in season 4, before meeting Smith Jared in season 6. She also had a brief but intense relationship with Marie, an artist she met at Charlotte’s gallery.

Samantha also had some of the most exciting hookups, too. She bedded an NYU college student who shared her name and also had a brief encounter with Barkley, an artist who never sold a single painting. She found herself involved in marital drama when she hooked up with a married man. She also fell for a man who claimed he was willing to commit before ghosting Samantha completely, just to name a few.