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While half of the Sex and the City fan base was thrilled that Carrie and Big ended up together, the other half was fuming.

And although most people wanted Carrie Bradshaw to have a happy ending, they envisioned her “true love” being her relationship with her girlfriends, rather than Mr. Big.

Yet, with this Sex and the City reboot coming up, there is still a chance to give Carrie Bradshaw her ultimate destiny. Here’s why Sarah Jessica Parker’s character should end up single for the Sex and the City Reboot.

Actresses Kristin Davis as "Charlotte," Sarah Jessica Parker as "Carrie Bradshaw," Cynthia Nixon as "Miranda," and Kim Cattrall as "Samantha" on location for "Sex and the City: The Movie"
“Sex and the City: The Movie” | Brian Ach/WireImage

Producer Daren Star hated the way ‘Sex and the City’ ended

According to the producer of the series, Daren Star, he believes that the show’s finale “betrayed” what Sex and the City is all about. From his point of view, he believes that the show is intended as an “anti rom-com.”

Star was trying to make a series where the main focus was on the unconditional love between best friends Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie. The whole point was that they didn’t need romantic love to fulfill them.

But when he stopped writing for the series, he no longer had any creative control over how their stories ended up.

“I think the show ultimately betrayed what it was about, which was that women don’t ultimately find happiness from marriage,” said Star, according to Sex and the City and Us. “Not that they can’t. But the show initially was going off script from the romantic comedies that had come before it. That’s what had made women so attached.”

“At the end, it became a conventional romantic comedy,” he continued. “But unless you’re there to write every episode, you’re not going to get the ending you want…”

Candace Bushnell doesn’t think Carrie and Big would have ended up together in real life

Candace Bushnell, the mastermind behind Sex and the City, doesn’t think that Carrie and Big would have ever ended up together in real life. But because Sex and the City is such a hit TV show, she understands why the series catered to most audiences’ needs rather than to what artistically made sense.

“Well, I think, in real life, Carrie and Big wouldn’t have ended up together,” she said, according to The Guardian. “But at that point, the TV show had become so big. Viewers got so invested in the storyline of Carrie and Big that it became a bit like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. They had become an iconic couple, and women really related to it; they would say, “I found my Mr. Big” or “I just broke up with my Mr. Big.” It became part of the lexicon. And when people are making a TV show, it’s show business, not show art, so at that point, it was for the audience, and we weren’t thinking about what the impact would be ten years later.”

Will Carrie Bradshaw dump Mr. Big in the reboot?


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Despite the “happily ever after” storyline that the finale and movies offered, there is still a chance for Sex and the City to choose the artistic route rather than the commercial one.

To stay true to the show’s message, Carrie Bradshaw should be single for the series’ reboot. That way, it can confirm what the series has been trying to say all along: that Carrie doesn’t need a man to fulfill her. All she needs are her best friends and her greatest love of all: New York City.