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‘Sex and the City’: Why Was Samantha Jones so Popular With Fans?

'Samantha Jones was always a popular character. News that the character would not be included in 'And Just Like That...', the upcoming 'Sex and the City' reboot, has only made her more popular. So, with the reboot getting ready to film, we couldn't help but wonder, what exactly was Samantha's big appeal?

Kim Cattrall has made her feelings about the Sex and the City franchise known. The former star has stated, on multiple occasions, that she does not wish to return to the show and has no plans on reprising her role as Samantha Jones ever again. A reboot of the series titled,  And Just Like That…, sans her character, is in development. Still, fans of the famed series have bemoaned her absence since HBO announced the reboot. Why is Samantha Jones so popular with fans?

Kim Cattrall has harsh feelings about her time on Sex and the City

Fans may have loved Cattrall as Samantha, but Cattrall doesn’t appear to have the warmest feelings about her time on the series. Over the years, Cattrall has claimed that the job caused her divorce and stated that her time on the show made it impossible for her to pursue motherhood. Many of her negative feelings appear to be directly connected to the show’s grueling filming schedule. Still, her time on set might have been bearable if she had liked her castmates. 

Kim Cattrall poses during a scene in the third season of 'Sex and the City'
Kim Cattrall | Getty Images

Cattrall has lashed out at Sarah Jessica Parker multiple times in the years since they last appeared on screen together. Cattrall has accused Parker of “mean girl” behavior during the show’s earlier seasons. She has made it abundantly clear that she does not consider any of her other former castmates friends, either. Along with Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, Parker has remained relatively quiet about Cattrall’s recollections of their time together.

Sex and the City fans are disappointed that Kim Cattrall won’t be returning

And Just Like That… will introduce several new characters to fans. Sara Ramirez will join the cast as Che Diaz, and writers have teased atleast two other new additions. Still, fans can’t get their minds around the idea of Sex and the City without Samantha. Ever since HBO Max announced the Sex and the City reboot, fans of the original series have taken to social media to discuss the absence of Samantha.

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon in promotional photos for 'Sex and the CXity'
The cast of ‘Sex and the City’ | HBO/Newsmakers

Some fans fear that the show won’t be the same without the ultra-liberated older member of the friend group. However, much of the concern seems to revolve around how the writers will handle the missing pal. Will they kill Samantha off? Will they act as if she never existed? As filming gets closer, fans are getting more and more anxious. Unfortunately, viewers likely won’t find out how the writing team will deal with the absence of the character until the series premieres.

Why are Sex and the City fans obsessed with Samantha Jones?

It is no secret that Samantha was a fan favorite during Sex and the City’s initial run. While the series was supposed to be all about Carrie Bradshaw and her pals, Samantha’s unapologetic nature and self-assurance endeared her to fans. The Atlantic even argued that Samantha was the true star of the provocative series.

Kim Cattrall poses for a portait for 'Sex and the City'
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones | HBO/Getty Images

In the years since the show aired its finale, the popularity of Samantha has only increased. So, why exactly was the character a breakout star? Samantha said things that most people would never dream of saying. She did the things that would make even the most liberated city dwellers blush, and she did it all while seeming cool and confident. That level of self-assurance is enviable, argues several publications. 

Fans of Sex and the City appeared to like Samantha the best, but few see themselves in the character. In fact, most fans argue that they are a “Carrie” or a “Charlotte” or a “Miranda.” Few have suggested they are a “Samantha,” and therein lies her appeal. Samantha is a mystery, and everyone loves a mystery.


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Will the reboot be the same without Samantha? Absolutely not. That doesn’t mean it won’t be good, though. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and even an absent Samantha still have stories to tell. How it will all turn out will depend entirely on the writing team.