This ‘Sex and the City’ Star Quietly Got Married

With the Sex and the City reboot, the original actors are in the public eye. Audiences loved Sex and the City. It’s become a part of our pop culture lexicon. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and others became household names thanks to Sex and the City. Nearly two decades after the original series aired, we love the actors that brought larger-than-life characters to our screens. John Corbett is one of those actors, and he recently revealed that he married his long-time partner.

John Corbett played Aidan Shaw

John Corbett is dressed in a black suit jacket and a white undershirt standing in front of a cream background
John Corbett | Getty Images

Aidan Shaw was one of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriends and a main character. He was one of her longest relationships that nearly ended in marriage as they danced around proposals. Eventually, Aidan and Carrie broke it off just before their marriage. Carrie felt smothered, and Aidan wasn’t sure that he could trust her.

It turned out for the best. Aidan later married Kathy and had three children.  Aidan Shaw will be a recurring character on And Just Like That…. It was confirmed that John Corbett would reprise the role.

Corbett married longtime partner Bo Derek

Bo Derek and John Corbett have been together for almost twenty years. They first met in 2002, when they were set up by a mutual friend, Corbett’s agent. Corbett revealed that he and his partner, Bo Derek, married in a small ceremony in December 2020. Close friends and family knew, but no one else had an inkling until Corbett mentioned it in an interview with talk show host Jerry O’Connell. According to Page Six, O’Connell said he had noticed the ring but didn’t want to say anything.

Corbett spilled the beans first, though. He said that the ceremony was around Christmas. Corbett and Derek are both very private people, so it is no surprise that they got married in secret. According to Cobertt, part of making their relationship work is spending time away from the public eye. So tying the knot in secret makes sense. 

They truly enjoy each other’s company and travel so much that their favorite vacation spot is home with each other. Corbett said that Derek still laughs at his jokes, and they like to be around each other. It’s no wonder that they’ve been together for so long. He says, “I’m sad when she’s not around.” 

An accomplished actor

Corbett was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe both in 1990 for his role in Northern Exposure as Chris Stevens. He was also nominated for his role as Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City in 1998.  

While he’s mostly on the small-screen, Corbett has had roles on the silver screen, too. He starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel and My Dead Boyfriend, The Boy Next Door, and others.

On television, he played Seth Holt in Parenthood. He’s also been on Mata Hari and 2021’s Rebels. He’s been seen on The United States of Tara, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, and Still the King, along with guest roles in NCIS: Los Angeles and Portlandia

He’ll also be in the upcoming And Just Like That…, Sex and the City‘s reboot. There isn’t much information about what Aidan Shaw has been up to or what he’ll be up to in the reboot, but Corbett is listed as a recurring character. 

Corbett and Bo Derek kept their marriage a secret for six months, but it seems like they are still going strong.

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