‘Sex Education’: Fans Are Shocked That Adam and Mr. Groff Actors Are Not Related In Real Life

After Sex Education Season 3 debuted on Netflix, fans haven’t stopped talking about the teen drama. The third season has become a hot topic on social media. Fans get to see the backstory behind Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie) and Adam’s (Connor Swindells) complicated relationship. Although the two actors play father and son on-screen, many fans wondered if they are related in real life.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from Sex Education Seasons 1-3]

Adam and Mr. Groff have a complicated relationship

Connor Swindells, and Alistair Petrie talking to each other in 'Sex Education' Season 1.
Connor Swindells, and Alistair Petrie from ‘Sex Education’ Season 1 | Jon Hall/Netflix

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Adam is first introduced as a bully in Sex Education. He is the son of Moordale Secondary School’s former headteacher, Mr. Groff. But, the father holds this constant disappointment in his son. In season one, Adam gets kicked out of Moordale. As a result, Mr. Groff sends him away to military school.

Ultimately, Adam gets expelled from the institution. He tries to prove to his parents that he’s changed, but his plans fall flat. For instance, Adam gets a job at the local pharmacy. But, Mr. Groff is never impressed by his son’s efforts. In the end, Adam quits the job and re-enrolls at Moordale. 

Sex Education Season 3 explorers their father-son dynamic. In some ways, Adam and his father are more alike than different, further explaining their complicated relationship. Although there were some heartbreaking moments between the two, audiences get a chance to see their character growth, as well as their impactful story arcs.

‘Sex Education’ fans can’t get over the striking resemblance 

Even though Swindells and Petrie play father-and-son on Sex Education, many fans couldn’t help but notice their shocking resemblance. Some fans even questioned their real-life relationship. Although the actors are not related, fans admired the casting director’s choice in casting.

“Whoever did the casting for them needs an award because Mr. Groff looks like a carbon copy of Adam, just a bit older,” one fan tweeted. 

Another fan wrote, “Every time I watch Sex Education, I want to send flowers to whoever cast Adam and Mr. Groff as father and son because ?!??!? How are they not related IRL.”

“Crazy impressed with the casting team, Adam is like Mr. Groff’s son IRL,” another fan tweeted. “The resemblance, height & body language UGH give all of them a raise!”

Also, some fans appreciated Adam and Mr. Groff’s storylines in the new season. “Mr. Groff’s story was quite good, honestly. Adam’s too. I like how they gave more to the side characters this season,” one fan tweeted

“Seeing Adam and Mr. Groff with actual personalities is so different, but I love it so much,” another fan wrote.

Alistair Petrie responds to the comparison on social media

Alistair Petrie dressed in a brown suit and tie in 'Sex Education.'
Alistair Petrie from ‘Sex Education’ | Netflix

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Alistair Petrie, who plays Mr. Groff, responded to a fan asking about their real-life relationship. AlthoughPetrie confirmed the two aren’t father-and-son, he did say that their bond does “feel like” that of a father-and-son. 

“Hi..we’re not, but I feel like we are,” he wrote on Twitter. “He’s a truly great talent, and I’m so enormously proud of him – as I would about my own sons. Thanks for loving the show. Very best wishes.”

Sex Education Season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.