‘Sex Education’: Students Return to Moordale Secondary School, But With Strict Rules

Class is back in session at Moordale Secondary School! But, there are new rules put in place to prevent students from engaging in explicit acts. The critically acclaimed teen drama Sex Education is returning for a third season on Netflix. The British series has received commercial success on the streaming platform – over 40 million viewers streamed it after its debut. So what should fans expect from the new season?

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from Sex Education]

‘Sex Education’ Season 3 is coming to Netflix

On Sept. 7, Netflix released the official trailer for season 3 of Sex Education. The two-minute trailer starts with introducing a new headteacher, Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke). While referring to Moordale as the “sex school,” Haddon wants to implement policies that change the school for the better. The change offers a sense of conflict for the main characters, Otis (Asa Butterfield), Maeve (Emma Mackey), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), and the rest of the student body.

“It seems that there are some students here who get a kick out of giving us a bad name. It changes today,” says the headteacher. “I will get Moordale back on track.” After the initial statement, viewers can see the students wearing new uniforms, and the sex education curriculum undergoes a colossal shift. 

Season 3 will introduce new relationships and characters 

In the trailer, viewers got a chance to see new characters and relationships. Eric and Adam (Connor Swindells) have become official. After Adam declares his love for Eric in the season 2 finale, they finally take their relationship to the next level. 

Otis and Ruby (Mimi Keene) are together. It’s unclear if they are in a serious relationship. However, it appears that Maeve isn’t romantically linked to anyone in the new season. The possibility of Otis and Maeve forming a relationship in the new season is very slim. At the end of season 2, Otis confessed his love for her through a voicemail call. However, Isaac (George Robinson) deleted the message. Now, it seems the two are distant in the new season. 

The third season will center around Aimee (Aimee-Lou Wood) and her journey through femininity. Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) has a possible love connection with non-binary student Cal (Dua Saleh). Also, Jean (Gillian Anderson) is trying to navigate her pregnancy. Peter Groff (Jason Isaacs) will make an appearance at Moordale. He is the successful older brother to the former headmaster Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie).

The trailer ends with the line: “We grow older. We grow stronger. We grow together.”

What makes ‘Sex Education’ so great? 

Ncuti Gatwa sitting down in a chair in 'Sex Education' Season 1
Ncuti Gatwa from ‘Sex Education’ | Netflix

‘Sex Education’ Fans Are Frustrated Otis and Maeve Aren’t Together Yet

Aside from the sexual antics carried out by the Moordale student body, Sex Education has a more profound message. What makes the show so great is its relatability. Although the show is an entertaining watch, it showcases teenagers coming into their sexuality. The show doesn’t hold back when tackling serious topics, such as homosexuality and bullying. Sex Education is a binge-worthy watch, but an educational one too. 

The third season of Sex Education will premiere on Netflix on September 17th.