Is ‘Sex/Life’ Star Mike Vogel Single?

Sex-Life is Mike Vogel’s most prominent role to date. The acting veteran has been around the block a few times but has not yet been allowed to showcase his chops in the way his new Netflix series does. His screen presence, attraction, and ability to sell the show’s premise have people wondering about his personal life, too. A new generation of fans is taking notice of the Hollywood veteran. 

Mike Vogel makes his name

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Vogel has been a part of Hollywood and television for twenty years. According to his page on IMDb, he made his screen debut in the series Grounded for Life, but big-screen success as a young heartthrob followed quickly after. After securing roles in Grind, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Cloverfield, Vogel was well on his way to becoming a star. 

He kept working in films like the Oscar-nominated movie The Help and television shows like Miami Medical and Pan Am. His second chance at stardom came as Deputy Zack Shelby in the Psycho prequel Bates Motel. Vogel showed that his decade in Hollywood had taught him a valuable lesson. However, his career was never the same after Under the Dome

Vogel maintained steady work, but his most recent Netflix series has him taking another step toward A-list stardom. 

Mike Vogel shares his ‘Sex Life’ 

Sex-Life is a show about intimacy. However, Vogel’s Cooper Connelly and the rest of the characters are average. Instead of focusing on the spectacle of sex, Sex-Life focuses more on intimacy and preserving the natural beauty of a special bond between two people. 

The actor told Pop-Culturalist in speaking about the series,

“I’m a huge, huge believer in fighting for love. To have a show that speaks through the lens of a female perspective on what women have to juggle in life, on how incredible they are in dealing with motherhood and marriage, on running a business yet still putting themselves aside for everyone else, a show that tells the story of women’s desires wants and needs—I’m here for it. I was happy to be a part of it.”  

The show features graphic portrayals of intimacy, but it is not meant to be viewed with a pornographic lens. Instead, Vogel told the website how they made the set less like a college dorm room and more about building trust between the co-stars with hopes that their intimate scenes come across more naturally without crossing any lines. To do so, they brought in an expert. 

“Casey Hudecki was our intimacy coordinator,” Vogel explained. “She was incredible and indispensable throughout this process. Every one of these intimate scenes was rehearsed beforehand. There was not a hand that was out of place. There was not a move that was made that we did not rehearse.”

It must work. Vogel’s already rising stardom came full circle. He’s a bona fide television sex symbol with fans across the world. People want to know if he’s living the life that his character does on screen. 

Is Mike Vogel single?

Perhaps, Vogel’s relationship is the greatest testament to his natural ability to portray such a genuine one. Although he has played arm candy for several leading ladies, Vogel met his wife, Courtney, when both were young. According to Celeb Hook, Vogel has no other high-profile relationships, but he’s open about his marriage’s power over him. 

Courtney Vogel keeps a low profile and raises their three kids, Cassy, Charlee, and Gabriel James, ranging in age from eight to 14. To her credit, Courtney appears perfectly content raising them in silence while her husband makes his name on screens across the world. Sex-Life is not just about carnal desires, but the passion that often goes behind them. As such, Mike’s portrayal as a husband and a father is shaped by his two-decade relationship at home. 

He might have stolen the hearts of fans across the world, but Mike Vogel’s heart is already taken by his wife of nearly twenty years that shows no signs of changing. 

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