Sexual Assault Case Against Usher Dismissed

Usher’s legal troubles from his Herpes lawsuit may be coming to an end. The “Let It Burn” singer was accused of knowingly transmitting the virus to several women over the course of the years. Multiple court cases were stacked against him, leaving the former judge of The Voice to fight over whether or not settlements should be paid while he dealt with a devastating divorce.

Usher performing
Usher at 10th Annual ONE Musicfest | Prince Williams/Wireimage

One of his accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, was the only one to publically identify herself. She, along with two others who remained anonymous, claimed that Usher put their health at risk by not revealing his diagnosis.

Sharpton sought a financial payout from the singer despite Usher denying her claim. She seems to have had a change of heart and announced through her attorney, Lisa Bloom, that she was dismissing her case against him. 

Woman accuses Usher of sexual assault

The first accusations against Usher knowingly spreading a sexually transmitted disease began to surface in 2017. Sharpton said she met Usher at his Atlantic City concert in 2014 and was intimate with him in a hotel room after the singer pulled her onstage during his performance.

Sharpton says she never heard from the singer again and was shocked to learn the singer had an incurable STD three years after their encounter when court documents from a previous case against him were leaked to the public. 

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Even though Sharpton tested negative for the disease, she decided to file charges. The UK Sun reported Sharpton’s press conference. She said that if she had known that Usher had herpes, she wouldn’t have had sex with him. “I feel like my rights were violated,” she said. “You need to warn your sex partners…so they can make their own decisions.”

Usher fights back in court

Usher denied Sharpton and the other accuser’s claims from the beginning and sought to have their cases thrown out. The Blast reported that Usher and his legal team grilled the two anonymous accusers in multiple depositions. 

Usher went to court demanding one of the accusers be sanctioned in the amount of $2,500. He accused her of refusing to answer questions during a deposition. They grilled her about allegations that she tested positive for herpes.

Usher in court
Usher Raymond attends 2012 hearing | John E. Davidson/Getty Images

As for Sharpton, insiders close the singer stood by his claims that he never was intimate with her. One source told TMZ that it was impossible for Sharpton and Usher and to have had an encounter because “he’s just not into her type”.

Usher sexual assault case dropped

The parties have been arguing in depositions about whether not to take the case to mediation to eventually reach an agreement or head to trial. The case is scheduled to head to trial early next year in 2020.

The dismissal came as a shock and was announced one day before both parties were supposed to be in court for an updated status on the case.

Sharpton filed documents through her attorney to dismiss the charges. No comments have been made by either on whether or not a settlement was reached or why they decided to drop charges.