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K-Pop fans will get to see Rowoon of SF9 star in another Korean drama. The upcoming Netflix drama, The King’s Affection, is a worthwhile historical romance with a gender swap. The manhwa (Korean comic) based K-drama stars Rowoon as Jung Ji-Woon, a royal teacher alongside actor Park Eun-Bin as Lee Hwi, a crown prince. KBS and Netflix revealed the K-drama’s first look at its official poster and its debut date. The King’s Affection will air on Oct. 11.

Rowoon 'The King's Affection' wearing black button up and doing heart fingers
Rowoon of SF9 at Mini Album ‘RPM’ Release Showcase | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

A crown prince has a secret no one can know about in ‘The King’s Affection’

K-drama fans know very well that the television genre uses various tropes that make their dramas so popular. One trope that is often seen is gender-swapping. According to Soompi, The King’s Affection revolves around the birth of two twins born at the palace to the crown prince’s consort. Twins are a bad omen, and the female child is sent to be killed. To save the child, her mother sends her away into hiding.

Years later, the male twin becomes a prince but suddenly dies. The mother brings back her daughter to pose as a male and becomes the prince. Lee Hwi’s secret must stay hidden and stays away from the people around her. Her secret is in jeopardy when she falls in love with her teacher Ji-Woon, who comes from a noble family. Ji-Woon is part of the Crown Prince sikangwon, a government office for the sole purpose of educating crown princes.

K-drama poster has fans blushing with the palpable and love-filled gazes

Netflix and KBS recently revealed The King’s Affection’s first official teaser poster along with the premiere date. The poster shows just enough to get fans buzzing with excitement about the upcoming historical romance. Lee Hwi and Ji-Woon are seen as shadowed silhouettes. Illuminated by a warm glow, the two characters stare at each other with a heart-racing and affectionate gaze. The height difference between the two characters only adds a cute touch to the romance element.

The Netflix K-drama will air on Oct. 11, according to the poster and the K-drama’s production team. The production team gave fans a small tease stating, “Even on the actual set, the beautiful atmosphere surrounding Park Eun-Bin and Rowoon brought out the sentimental feelings of love.” They call the storyline an inevitable intertwined fate of love that takes place in an imaginary setting.

Rowoon is a K-Pop idol turned actor


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The 25-year-old rising actor started as a K-Pop idol and lead vocalist of the boy group SF9. Rowoon started to appear in small roles in K-dramas in 2016. He got his big break in the lead role as Ha-Ru in the webtoon-based drama Extraordinary You. The drama breaks the fourth wall as the main characters realize they have no control over thier lives as they are characters in a comic. As the main character decides to take over her life, her world descends into chaos.

Rowoon would receive more praise in the lead role as Cha Hyu-Seung in the 2021 K-drama, She Would Never Know. The drama was a hit as it broke away from common tropes with its age-gap relationship, not-so-typical love triangle, and already established storyline. Rowoon plays a young office worker at a well-known Korean beauty company. His female superior mentors him. In reality, he has had feelings for her all along and gets his opportunity to show his love.