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Who’s ready for season eight of Shahs of Sunset? Fans have seen their share of Shahs’ fights in the past, but Reza Farahan promises that this season is “nuclear.” Main cast members are set to return which include Farahan, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Mike Shouhed, Destiney Rose, and Nema Vand. This time, the drama will be kicked up a notch thanks to some off-camera beefs that are also affecting significant others.

With the countdown to the premiere on Feb. 9 in full swing, Farahan shared some thoughts about his fellow castmates heading into this season.

Reza Farahan of 'Shahs of Sunset'
Reza Farahan of ‘Shahs of Sunset’ on People’s ‘Reality Check’ | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

It’s evident that things have changed

Superfans who keep up with the Bravo series are aware that in addition to the feuding, some Shahs of Sunset cast members are experiencing some major life changes. Golnesa is pregnant. Asa isn’t set to return. Lilly Ghalichi got married and her husband filed for divorce last year, but then called it off within months. And now Mike is in love.

Farahan stopped PeopleTV to play a round of “Cast on Blast” and shared something nice and something not-so-nice about his co-stars. When asked about GG, he said she has a terrible temper, but it’s mellowed out due to her pregnancy. According to her Instagram page, she’s had some health challenges due to her rheumatoid arthritis, but she’s excited.

Farahan called Destiney sweet and thoughtful, but a perfectionist. Asa Soltan has been off the scene and he hasn’t spoken to her in a long time, but Farahan praised her parenting skills and called her “amazing.” The salty on her? Laughing, he said, “She’s taken that whole priestess thing … She really thinks it’s by royal decree.”

Farahan complimented Ghalichi’s looks and personality, but it’s her voice that drives him crazy. Shervin is cool but Farahan hilariously shared that the smell of his cologne singes his hair.

While he also spoke about Mike, one person he found questionable was Sara. Why? Farahan noted that her dating choices may be off due to her admitting she used to date R. Kelly.

Farahan really misses MJ

When Javid’s photo flashed on the screen, it was obvious that Farahan is upset about the state of their friendship. He had no shortage of nice things to say about MJ and started out by declaring she’s his heart. Appearing hurt, he added, “Her insults and her comebacks and her … When you’re not her friend, her pain can cut to the white meat.”

Farahan gave a heartfelt statement in the off chance she may be watching the clip and offered these words:

“I will always love you. I will always want the best for you and whether or not we are in each others’ lives or not, nothing will change for me. You will always be in my heart.”

What’s Farahan excited about for this new season?

It’s not all arguments and hurt feelings this season, as Farahan shared that there will be fun and wild moments too that only the Shahs can bring. Fans will get to see GG during her pregnancy, Mike’s new girlfriend, and lots of partying.

It’s expected that viewers will be keeping up with the action this season on Twitter and Instagram as all the drama plays out, and some cast members will hear directly from fans. Season eight of Shahs of Sunset launches on Feb. 9.