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Mercedes “MJ” Javid has been one of the main Shahs of Sunset cast members since the show premiered. But when Javid fought with her longtime friend, Reza Farahan, her position in the group of friends seemed a bit shaky, especially after she got married and moved in with her husband, Tommy Feight. So, where do things stand with Javid now?

Mercedes MJ Javid of 'Shahs of Sunset'
Mercedes MJ Javid | Bravo

Where does MJ live now?

For much of Shahs of Sunset Season 8, Javid was not actively filming with the rest of the cast. So, people have been wondering where the star lives. In 2018, she moved into a new home in Los Angeles with her husband. The LA home comes complete with views of the San Gabriel mountains, a view that Javid has vowed to keep clear.

“You have these amazing unobstructed views of the San Gabriel mountains, which is Tommy and [my] favorite thing to wake up to. And that’s why, as you noticed, there are no curtains,” she said during a house tour with Bravo.

The home also now has a ball pit in the living room for her young son, Shams Francis, to play in.

‘Shahs of Sunset’ stars MJ and Reza made up in her home

Javid and Farahan were best friends for the first seven seasons of Shahs of Sunset. But then, an altercation between Farahan and Feight drove a wedge in between the pair. At the Shahs of Sunset Season 8 reunion, it seemed that the two would never be friends again. But Javid’s home actually provided the backdrop to a beautiful off-camera reconciliation.

According to Farahan, Javid invited him over after the reunion to talk.

“We sat in the grass in her neighborhood and we just reconnected,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “There was so much pain from the things that I did … and I wanted to clean up as much of it as I could. And the pandemic allowed me the silence to get to a place where I could just talk about me and not really point fingers about the things that I felt provoked me or whatever that was focused on me.”

The reality star said not having the cameras there helped their reconciliation.

“I never blamed anything on cameras,” he continued. “but when we are in the mode where there is a camera in our vicinity, let’s just say, there’s another layer of pressure, right? And it’s not anything that you’re aware of. It’s just something you feel. And I don’t want to blame anyone other than myself. The pandemic allowed me the silence to be able to look at my life.”

The two aren’t back to where they used to be, but they are certainly on the road to becoming friends again.


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“It’s been slow. It’s not anywhere like it was before, and it’s not perfect,” Farahan told the outlet. “I’m not sitting here trying to tell you that, oh, MJ and I are, like, going to The Abbey, doing Sunday fun day. But I have to tell you, from where we were to where we are now, oh my god, I have so much gratitude.”

‘Shahs of Sunset’ Season 9

In addition to mending her relationship with Farahan, Javid has also reignited her friendship with Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi.

“I was pleasantly surprised by Golnesa in the best way,” Javid recently told Page Six. “I see that she’s really evolved from the girl that we all met 10-plus years ago, and I really appreciate the fact that we both got to be moms at the same time. So, I love seeing a different side of Golnesa that I haven’t seen before.”

The pair have gotten so close that Javid’s son and Gharachedaghi’s 1-year-old son, Elijah, have weekly playdates with one another, which is a stark contrast from how things have been in previous seasons.

Shahs of Sunset Season 9 airs on Sundays on Bravo.