Shailene Woodley Used to Get Offended When People Called Her a Hippy

Shailene Woodley has never been shy about sharing what she’s passionate about. The Emmy-nominated actor developed a passion for environmentalism at a young age. This manifests in a lot of different areas of her life. It makes the Big Little Lies alum very conscious of where she sources her food from and fuels her interest in herbalism. She even got arrested for protesting the Dakota Access pipeline back in 2016. Due to her love of nature, the actor earned the label of “hippy” early on in her career.

hippy Shailene Woodley softly smiles for the camera
Shailene Woodley | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Shailene Woodley has been said to lead a crunchy granola lifestyle

But hippy is hardly the only label used to describe Woodley. Fans of the Endings, Beginnings actor have also coined her way of life a “crunchy granola” lifestyle. This is due to some of the more unorthodox rituals that Woodley has put in place. The Divergent alum has spoken openly about everything from making her own tinctures, to eating clay, to suntanning her nether regions.

‘The O.C’ alum used to be offended when people called her a hippy

But what does Woodley think about her various labels? The Secret Life of the American Teenager alum revealed that they used to bother her early on in her career. However, as she’s gotten older, she’s embraced her hippy label with open arms. While speaking to The Guardian, Woodley got candid about this shift.

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“I mean, I used to get offended by that,” Woodley admitted. “But now I’m just like, ‘Great, you want to call me a hippy? So many things about the hippy movement were f****** beautiful, I’m all about it.’” Continuing on, Woodley shared that she’s seen the shift in how environmentalism has slowly become a major part of the zeitgeist.

Woodley explains how environmentalism has become more mainstream

“When I was talking about these things 10 or 15 years ago, it was before people knew what environmentalism was,” Woodley explained. “The most environmental thing you could do then was recycle. There wasn’t a lot of narrative around these things. So of course you’re going to be ostracized in some way, be labeled as ‘other,’ because it’s not mainstream. Now? Every single f****** influencer or model or CEO is talking about this! Look, I don’t take offense at being called ‘The Hippy of Hollywood’ if it means one or two people are going to learn some things.”

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And it seems that people are indeed learning from Woodley’s lead. This is particularly true of the actors that she works with. Theo James, who starred opposite Woodley in the Divergent movies, shared that he learned to be more conscious of where his meat was sourced from. Clearly, Woodley’s passionate nature is rubbing off on some of her peers. It seems that embracing her hippy label was the right move for the actor.

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