Shailene Woodley on Being Confined in Her Home; ‘Feels Like Heaven’

From a young age, Shailene Woodley has always presented herself a little differently than others. From the movies she chooses to work on, to the way she approaches her characters, she’s different than her peers. The 28-year-old gives the impression that she’s equal parts grounded in who she is and open to many of the experiences that life has to offer. Perhaps that’s why she’s been able to bring so much depth and color to the characters she’s played.

Shailene Woodley age 28
Shailene Woodley | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Woodley grew up in the industry. Starring in popular TV shows like The O.C and The Secret Life of The American Teenager at a very young age, she has since graduated to shows like Big Little Lies and her latest film, Endings, Beginnings. Because of her career, Woodley hasn’t had a lot of down-time. In fact, sheltering-in-place because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been the longest she’s been in her own home in over a decade.

How is Shailene Woodley coping with being quarantined?

In the age of coronavirus, most Americans have been ordered to stay home or shelter-in-place. Woodley is no exception to this rule and many of her press tours and other career obligations have been placed on hold or canceled outright. But just how is Woodley coping with this mandate to stay inside her home? As we’ve seen, many celebrities (like Ellen Degeneres) have found it challenging to be contained in their own homes. Citing boredom, they’re unsure about what to do with themselves.

Woodley, however, seems to be taking to staying at home like a fish to water. In a recent interview with the New York Times, the Big Little Lies actress shared that her introverted nature allows her to relish all the alone time that she’s had as of late. Though her job is all about collaboration, she finds joy in her isolation.

The ‘Divergent’ actress is a true introvert

“I’m an introvert’s introvert. so this feels like heaven in a lot of ways because I don’t have to talk to people, I don’t have to deal with people, I don’t even have to look at people. I can play the game of being an extrovert when I need to — it’s a big part of my job — but my happy place is honestly being alone,” Woodley shared.

How does Woodley approach her roles in movies?

Woodley’s personality is the complete antithesis of her most recent role of Daphne in Endings, Beginnings. Daphne is an extrovert who loves being around people. So how does Woodley tap into that character? Woodley shared that she views Daphne as an unexplored piece of herself just waiting for the opportunity to come out.

“For me, when I’m building a character, I’m only experiencing different shades and colors of who I personally am. Daphne is one color of me that I got to explore, but I was speaking as Shailene, from a place within my own heart. I think she’s a little bit of my alter ego,” Woodley revealed. We’re sure Woodley’s fans can’t wait to see a new expression of her persona in her latest film. Endings, Beginnings is now available for purchase on digital and will be available on demand beginning May 1, 2020.