Shailene Woodley Reportedly Ate Dirt Before Kissing Scenes

Celebrities often have to get up close and personal when they’re playing on-screen love interests, and that provides plenty of opportunity for awkwardness. First of all, just because sparks are flying between characters doesn’t mean the same is true between the actors who portray them. To make matters even worse, some stars deliberately mess with their co-stars before the steamiest scenes. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, has been known to scarf down tuna and garlic before kissing scenes just to mess with her on-screen love interests. 

When it comes to gross on-screen kisses, Miles Teller spilled some tea on co-star Shailene Woodley, and the dirt on her kisses is that they, well, taste like dirt! Woodley wasn’t pulling a fast one to intentionally gross out Teller, though. Her dirt-flavored kisses were just part of her alternative health routines. 

Shailene Woodley smiling in front of a black background
Shailene Woodley | Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

Shailene Woodley is known for romance roles

Woodley got her start in television roles but had a big breakthrough with her part in Divergent. Later that year, Woodley made waves as the lead in the tear-jerking teen drama The Fault in Our Stars. Portraying cancer patient Hazel Grace as she navigates a life-threatening disease just as she’s also figuring out her first love left audiences stunned by the performance without a dry eye in the house.

That role has definitely helped shape the rest of Woodley’s career, and many of her parts have fallen into the romance genre. Woodley is fine with this particular niche: “I love love. Also, there’s just a lot of opportunities for women my age to be in romance movies and not a lot of opportunities to do other things. I’d say that those are probably the number one most available projects to be a part of unless you just want to be like a girlfriend in the background or a flight stewardess.” 

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller starred in ‘The Spectacular Now’

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As part of her whirlwind tour through love stories, Woodley played the part of Aimee in The Spectacular Now. She’s a shy girl who starts dating popular Sutter (portrayed by Miles Teller) after he has a nasty breakup. True to the form of both the romance genre and teen movies, Woodley’s perspective from outside the popular life offers depth and a change of heart for Sutter. Thanks to Aimee, the teen heads off into adulthood with a new view of the world. 

The role helped define Woodley’s skills as an actor, and eventually, she would grow up and beyond her limited teen romance roles. She would go on to a starring role in Endings Beginnings and eventually land an important role in the hit series Big Little Lies. These days, Woodley is known as a skilled actor with a wide range that reaches beyond love interest. 

Miles Teller says Shailene Woodley tasted like dirt 

There were plenty of kissing scenes in The Spectacular Now, and while fans praised their on-screen chemistry, Teller was not impressed with the real-life experience. “Before our first kissing scene, Shailene took these Chinese dirt supplements and shoved them in her mouth,” Teller explained, according to People. “It’s like a dirt pouch, and it smells like crap.”

Chewing on some garlic to prank your on-screen love interest is one thing, but dirt? What was Woodley up to? Well, it turns out that it’s part of her health routine, but experts are cautioning it’s a trend that’s best not followed at home. As The Guardian reports, Woodley once explained to David Letterman that she sees eating clay as part of a detoxification process: “Clay binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that aren’t necessarily the best for you.” 

Experts warn that there’s not a lot of scientific evidence for Woodley’s beliefs and that, even if the treatment does remove some toxins, it also risks removing positive elements. “Removing metal from the body is not necessarily good – iron, for example, is a metal and essential to health. So there could conceivably be benefits, but there could certainly be harms,” Dr. David L Katz explained.