Who Is ‘Shameless’ Actor Ethan Cutkosky’s Girlfriend?

For the past decade, viewers and fans of Shameless have gotten to enjoy getting to know the characters and cast of the popular series. Showtime’s infamous dysfunctional family has been through just about everything. The premise of the series is centered around Frank Gallagher, South Side’s well-known alcoholic, and his children. Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam are Frank’s reluctant offspring that typically want nothing to do with him.

The raw and genuine dynamics of the tightly connected family is one of the many reasons so many people have grown to love the Chicago-based drama. Over the years, the viewers and audiences have gotten to know the impressive individuals who play the beloved characters. Take a closer look at the actors of Shameless and who is the lucky individual dating Ethan Cutkosky

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The cast of Showtime’s ‘Shameless’

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With the series’ 11th season currently on the air, Shameless is Showtime’s longest-running show to date. However, as fans and viewers of the Shameless already know, the award-winning show is preparing to leave the air this year. As audiences reflect on the journey of the Gallagher family, they know it wouldn’t have been made possible without the remarkable cast. Though her character left the series after season 9, Emmy Rossum is best known for her role as Fiona on Shameless.

Jeremy Allen White is the talented actor who was cast as Lip Gallagher. Cameron Monaghan is the actor who plays Ian, Lip’s brother and close confidant. When it came to Debbie’s character, Emma Kenney took on the ever-changing and deeply unlikeable role. Cutkosky and Christian Isaiah are the actors who play the youngest Gallagher brother. Of course, the series would not be complete without William Macy’s character, Frank. When it comes to the cast’s fictional lives, viewers and audiences know it well, but some fans may be curious about the personal lives of these talented stars. 

A glance into the personal lives of the cast of ‘Shameless’ 

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After 11 seasons, it is safe to say the characters of Shameless have had some pretty epic love stories, but what is going on in the actors’ real lives? Luckily, E! has gathered all the essential details about these stars’ personal lives. Though she is no longer an active member of the cast these days, fans of Shameless can rest easy knowing Rossum is still happily married to Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot.

Many people might recognize Macy and his longtime wife, Felicity Huffman, from the media and headlines related to the family’s recent scandal surrounding college admissions. Similar to his castmates, White is married. His wife, Addison Timlin, also acts, and the pair met on the set of Afterschool. However, not everyone is in an official or committed relationship. Some fans might be pleased to hear that Monaghan is single, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for his co-star Cutkosky. 

Who is Ethan Cutkosky dating? 

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Cutkosky first began playing Carl Gallagher back in 2011, and his character has come a long way over the years. From Carl’s drug-related dilemmas to his police pursuits, the complex character’s sweet nature is often seen on screen as he charms the ladies and his love interests. Things don’t seem too far off for Cutkosky in real life. The star from Shameless has been dating Brielle Barbusca for the past few years. Barbusca is also an actor who also heavily works in the television industry, and it seems like the pair are a great match for one another.