Shania Twain ‘Enjoyed’ Her High School Job at McDonald’s: ‘I Got So Good at Those Fries’ 

Shania Twain is an award-winning singer known for hit songs such as “Any Man of Mine,” “You’re Still the One,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” However, before Twain became a celebrity, she had an everyday job at Mcdonald’s as a teenager. And Twain admits she really “enjoyed” that job.

Shania Twain’s early life

shania twain
Shania Twain visits the SiriusXM Studios on June 19, 2017 in New York City. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Twain grew up in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. For much of her childhood, she lived with her mother, stepfather, and four siblings.

The singer’s family struggled financially, and there was not always enough food on the table. She told ABC News that she often went to school hungry and jealous of other kids who had lunches. Twain explained, “I would certainly never have humiliated myself enough to reach out and ask for help and say, You know, I’m hungry. Can I have that apple that you’re not going to eat? I didn’t have the courage to do that.”

In addition to poverty, Twain’s childhood also included abuse. She witnessed violence between her parents and also dealt with sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather.

In order to cope, Twain turned to music. According to Biography, Twain started singing and learned to play the guitar at a young age. When she was 10, she was already writing her own songs. Thanks to her talent, Twain was able to perform at clubs and events in her local community.

Shania Twain worked at McDonald’s in high school

Twain also worked at McDonald’s for some time as a teenager. 

“I sang in bars at night, and after school from 4 to 7 I had a shift at McDonald’s,” she told Access.

Twain revealed that she worked “primarily” in making French fries. She said, “I was so good on fry station. I got so good at those fries. I could get those fries standing up perfectly in that box.”

She later got to work in the drive-thru, which she “really loved and enjoyed.” Twain added that she also likes to “serve people” and “make people happy,” which seems to be why she had a lot of fun working in fast food.

Other celebrities who have worked in fast food

Twain is not the only celebrity who has had experience working in the fast food industry.

In fact, lots of other stars used to work at Mcdonald’s. The list includes Rachel McAdams, Pink, and Pharrell Williams.

Another music icon, Madonna, worked at Dunkin’ Donuts for a short time before making it big in entertainment. Madonna once shared that she was fired after a week at Dunkin’ because she kept “playing with the jelly squirter machine,” which made her coworkers “pissed off.”

Other celebrities with fast-food stints include Jennifer Hudson (Burger King) and Eva Longoria (Wendy’s).

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