Shania Twain and Other Vegas Acts Miranda Lambert Studied to Prep for ‘Velvet Rodeo’

In September, Miranda Lambert launched her Las Vegas residency, Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency. Leading up to the residency, Lambert researched other shows in Las Vegas and attended concerts for multiple artists, including Shania Twain.

Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain attend the 5th Annual Academy of Country Music Honors
Miranda Lambert and Shania Twain | John Shearer/Getty Images for ACM

Miranda Lambert researched Shania Twain’s concert

After her Let’s Go! Las Vegas residency was halted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Twain restarted the residency in December 2021 and concluded the concert series in September.

Before starting her own residency at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood, Lambert researched Twain’s show, George Strait, and Brooks & Dunn.

“I think the ones I was on the fence about are always the new ones. I went and did a recon trip, I call it. We went to Vegas to see three shows. We went to see George Strait, we went to see Shania, and we went to see Brooks & Dunn,” Lambert told Vulture.

She continued, “I was just wanting to get a feel. One thing I really took away from that was they played all the songs I wanted to hear. In fact, they couldn’t get them all in because there’s so many hits.”

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This helped Miranda Lambert build her setlist

By researching other artists including Twain, Lambert learned how she needed to build her setlist for Velvet Rodeo.

“I realized that part of this Vegas show is, Give the people what they want. I mean, they come in to see you because they’ve been a fan for a while and it’s a staple in their trip. I know that there’s songs that I’m tired of that have to be in the set. I wasn’t disappointed when I heard every B&D song I wanted them to play,” Lambert told Vulture.

When asked by Vulture what her favorite song to perform live is, Lambert answered “Actin’ Up.”

“I love ‘Actin’ Up.’ I’ve had a great time with that one. I’m always testing the waters. I’m like, Are there too many new ones? Are people going to be over it?

She added, “That’s one of those songs that people were singing before they knew it. Sometimes songs on the records just pop out on their own, without being a single or whatever. I usually come out with guns blazing, but “Actin’ Up” has this build, and it’s been fun to do that.”

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How long is the singer’s Las Vegas residency?

Velvet Rodeo started on Sept. 23, and shows will be held through Dec. 11. There will be another handful of concerts in March and April 2023.

Before the residency began, Lambert called Velvet Rodeo “a one-of-a-kind Miranda Lambert experience” in a YouTube preview.

“The idea that we could take it up a few notches for production is exciting to me and scary, because I usually just keep it pretty much about the music,” the singer-songwriter revealed in a video. “You know, I’m from Texas so bigger hair and more sequins, don’t threaten me with a good time. This will definitely be a one-of-a-kind Miranda Lambert experience.”

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