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Shania Twain is a talented singer with several hits and awards on her resume, and according to science, she might be the prettiest performer. According to a University of Toronto study, Twain has the “perfect” face. Here’s how scientists determined that Twain is nothing but perfection.

Shania Twain smiling
Shania Twain | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The science behind the golden ratio and how Shania Twain fits it

The golden ratio was discovered by the Greeks, who used it to measure and determine aesthetic ratios that are determined to be ideal for function and appearance. According to the Greeks, the golden ratio works everywhere in nature, from art to architecture and even to human beings.

The golden ratio is thought to hold the secret of beauty, and with modern technology and face mapping, scientists can use it to calculate how it applies to women. According to BBC, the University of Toronto conducted a study to determine the most attractive female face.

The outlet notes that the researchers claimed that the key to the ideal arrangement of facial features in women is the measurements between their eyes, ears, and mouth. The scientists used Photoshop to alter the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth and to figure out the horizontal distance between the eyes of the subject in two images of the same person.

The researchers compared the altered photo with the women’s own and didn’t change any features, only the distance between said features. After a series of experiments, they concluded that the distance between a woman’s eyes and mouth lengthwise should be over 36% or a third of the overall length of the face from the hairline to the chin.

Widthwise, the researchers concluded that the space between a woman’s pupils should be 46% or under half the width of their face from one ear to the other. The study used Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie, and Shania Twain and found that Twain’s face had a perfect set of geometric measurements.

Shania Twain’s look has evolved over her career

Twain’s career dates back to the early ’90s when she signed on to Mercury Nashville Records. Her eponymous debut album was a commercial flop, but Twain found success when she and her producer and would-be husband began collaborating.

Twain’s second album, The Woman In Me, was a critical and commercial success selling 20 million copies and earning her a Grammy Award. The mid-’90s were a defining time for the upcoming singer, and she had a particular sense of style that she loved.

Speaking to Vogue, Twain said she found her signature look, which consisted of leopard print. She said, “For better for worse, I really latched on to leopard print, and it was just a favorite. So I always gravitated toward that.” The singer recalled loving two particular looks in the pattern, a jacket and an off-shoulder dress that was mostly her idea.

Shania Twain’s most iconic looks


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In 1997, Twain released one of her most popular songs, “From This Moment On.” In the music video, she is wearing a sheer gown with a sheer drape to the back. Twain must have loved the dress so much that she wore it to the 1998 Billboard Music Awards, where she swept four awards.

Twain also wore her outfit from the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” music video for her performance at the Grammys in 1999. The outfit included a bustier, a matching short skirt with black high boots, and a black necklace. Twain told Vogue that the boots “were killing” her, but she had so much fun performing in the outfit.

More iconic looks include her glitzy Canadian hockey team-themed outfits while hosting the 2003 Juno Awards and her ‘edgy rock’ look while performing for the 2003 Super Bowl.