‘Shark Tank’: Barbara Corcoran Calls This Fellow Shark ‘150% Genuine’

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank often goes with her gut when it comes to investing in a startup company. Putting more stock in the person rather than the product, the real estate mogul places the most value on the entrepreneur running the business than the business itself.

Priding herself on having good judgement, the millionaire investor gave this fellow Shark high praise when it comes to character.

Barbara Corcoran of 'Shark Tank'
Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ | Christopher Willard via Getty Images

Barbara Corcoran believes in following her intuition

Now in her 12th season on Shark Tank, Corcoran has learned which entrepreneurs will bring her a hefty return. The real estate pro credits her strong instincts for making good choices.

“If you really think about all your best life decisions… All of your best decisions in life are out of the gut,” she said in an interview with Steve Pomeranz. “You insist they aren’t. You didn’t like that guy, I don’t know why. Well, you’ll soon find out why you didn’t like him after you marry him, right? Or you do business with him. Or you didn’t trust this gal. I don’t know, something about her is off.”

Corcoran has always been transparent on her academic struggles due to having undiagnosed dyslexia when she was in school. The reality star learned to lean on her discernment over the years, which always steered her in the right direction.

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“You really have to listen to that inside intuition,” Corcoran told Pomeranz. “And it’s kind of weird, I think, for me, because everything in our education system says listen to your left brain. Everything we’re taught is listen, analyze. A leads to B, leads to C. But in real life, it doesn’t work that way. A leads often to F, and then comes back to B. And so the only piece of your mind that’s able to grasp that, and see the truth, is your intuition.”

‘Shark Tank’ star has 2 favorite panelists

Viewers often see Sharks partner up on an investment to share the work – and the profits – on a new business. Corcoran prefers some Sharks more than others when it comes to joining forces.

“I love teaming up with Mark [Cuban] because he is so wicked smart in technology, which is an area that I always struggle to learn,” Corcoran revealed, also noting his billionaire status. “And he has so many big bucks. So having a big fish like that in your business with you is even comforting to me. He’s got billions, I’ve got millions. There’s a big difference.”

Corcoran named FUBU founder Daymond John as her other “favorite” partner, due to his authenticity.

“I love teaming up with Daymond because he’s 150% genuine,” Corcoran said. “What you see is what you get.”

Daymond John says Barbara Corcoran is far from a pushover

John credits Corcoran for her tell-it-like-it-is approach to entrepreneurs, never mincing words on her opinions. The fashion mogul also considers Corcoran to be the hardest to win over.

“I would think the toughest shark to impress is probably Barbara,” John told Yahoo! Entertainment in August 2020. “She just says the things that… she’s like, ‘You know, I really like you. I like the product. But it looks like you’ve got gingivitis. And I can’t have meetings with you often because your breath is going to stink. And I’m gonna realize that I’m not gonna want to be around this person because you got gingivitis. For that reason, I’m out.’”

The two contemplated Shark Tank’s popularity, with the show still going strong after 12 seasons on the air.  

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“I may physically die in the chair after another 20 seasons,” John joked, to which Corcoran added, “If I die, I’m going to make sure it’s in the Shark Tank seat so I help ratings.”

ABC’s Shark Tank airs on Friday nights.