‘Shark Tank’: Daymond John Gets Asked This Question ‘All the Time’ About Kevin O’Leary

Fashion mogul Daymond John has been on the Shark Tank panel along with Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary since the reality show debuted in 2009. With O’Leary’s reputation for giving aspiring entrepreneurs some brutal truth at times, the FUBU owner revealed a popular inquiry he receives from viewers regarding his co-Shark.

Daymond John of 'Shark Tank'
Daymond John of ‘Shark Tank’ | Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

Kevin O’Leary doesn’t mince words on ‘Shark Tank’

After 13 seasons of Shark Tank, O’Leary is still considered the harshest in the Tank. Though his “Mr. Wonderful” moniker remains in tact, O’Leary has been known to tell entrepreneurs to take their idea “behind the barn and shoot it” if he feels the business won’t succeed. The millionaire investor attributed his bluntness to being laser-focused on cash profits.

“Here’s what I am: I tell the truth about money all the time,” O’Leary told Boston Magazine in 2013. “I don’t believe there is a gray area when it comes to money. It’s black or white, and money is binary. You either make it or you lose it.”

The Shark Tank star considers his no-holds-barred honesty as saving others from wasting their time and money, and doesn’t lose sleep on his frank delivery.

“People say I’m heartless,” O’Leary remarked. “But I’m not. I’m the only one up there telling you exactly what’s going to happen to you, and if you don’t want to hear that, I couldn’t care less. I’m not trying to make friends. If you want friends, buy a dog. I’m trying to make money.”

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In a recent video on Instagram, John explained that he was once again asked, “Is Kevin really that mean or is he secretly a nice guy behind the scenes?” Explaining in the caption, “People ask me this all the time,” John gave his response and added, “And @kevinolearytv bribed me to give this answer 😂”

“Kevin is actually an amazing guy behind the scenes,” John said in the Instagram video. “He is extremely nice.”

Though John emphasized O’Leary’s affability, he added some comments about Mr. Wonderful’s eccentric wardrobe.

“He wears really weird cloths,” the FUBU founder pointed out. “One day he’ll be a rock star, the other days he’ll wear some really – it’s almost like a blouse-type of pants… The 70s are calling him back to bring their pants back to them. But he’s actually a very very nice guy.”

John concluded the video advising, “Just don’t ask him what he thinks about money.”

Mr. Wonderful responded to Daymond John with a royalty request

Shark Tank fans took to Instagram in favor of John’s assessment of his fellow Shark.

“Strong Personalities! 🦈 Each knows there stuff! 😉 Respect!” a viewer wrote.

“Kevin dresses like that because he can. 🙌🙌🙌” another commented.

“I like Kevin, he always tells the truth not giving room for any waste of time,” a fan posted.

“I love his eclectic wardrobe! Love all the mix of personalities! 🙌” a follower remarked.

O’Leary gave his own response to John’s comments and made an offer to share his fashion expertise at FUBU with his now-famous royalty pitch.

“Daymond!! I’ve been telling you for years. Make me the lead designer at @fubu. I’d usually want a $1 royalty. But cause we’re friends – I’ll do it for $0.90. #CashFlowBaby” O’Leary posted.

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