‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Says This ‘Old Fashioned’ Strategy Is the ‘Secret To a Happy Marriage’

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank created a successful business with just a $1,000 loan. Building her real estate empire from scratch, Corcoran has also reinvented herself as a reality star on the popular TV series now in its 12th season.

Married to her husband Bill Higgins since 1988, the Shark Tank star shared some words of wisdom on marriage that may sound a bit outdated to some but Corcoran swears by.

Barbara Corcoran of 'Shark Tank'
Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Barbara Corcoran advises entrepreneurs on relationships

Corcoran knows first-hand what it takes start a company. The Shark Tank star recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs make sure their significant others are on board with what lies ahead in building a business.

“I think a lot of [relationships] go awry because it takes 150% effort to succeed in life in the workplace,” Corcoran told Lewis Howes. “If you’re going to be hugely successful — you’re going to pour your heart and soul … into [your business], you better have a spouse who signed up for it.”

The real estate mogul finds business relationships and personal pairings fare better when they have contrasting views.

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“Some people intuitively choose people very smartly as to who should be their partner in business or in life,” Corcoran remarked. “I have found the most successful ones on both [sides] have been when you choose the opposites.”

‘Shark Tank’ star gives men some words of wisdom

With over 30 years of marriage under her belt, Corcoran has definitely achieved success in her personal life. The millionaire investor shared some advice aimed at men for keeping things humming at home.

“If you’re a smart guy, what a woman really wants to hear is that she’s right,” Corcoran explained. “So the quicker you can accept the fact that she’s right, whether you feel it in your heart or not, the happier the woman’s going to be.”

Regardless of who may be “right” in a given situation, Corcoran recommended that the male counterpart of a couple focus on what initially drew him to his spouse.

“Then if you can move right on to what attracted you in the first place and what you loved about her and deliver it in the most sincere way,” Corcoran shared, “then you’re ahead of the game versus falling down the pike.”

Barbara Corcoran speaks from experience

Though some may disagree, the Shark Tank panelist insisted that this approach in a marriage leads to happiness and longevity.

“Let me tell you, ask any happily married man who’s been married for years how he stays happy,” Corcoran posed. “Two out of three will tell you ‘I tell my wife she’s always right.’ That’s the secret to a happy marriage.”

While admitting the strategy may seem a bit archaic, Corcoran maintained that she is living proof of this theory.

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“That maybe sounds old fashioned, but that has really been my practical observation as well,” she said. “My husband is very good at saying ‘you’re right’ much faster as years go by.”

Corcoran summed it up by specifying both partners in a couple have a need for adoration and affection.

“Women want to be adored, really,” Corcoran noted. “They really want to be cherished for the specialness they have. And it’s the same with, of course, men. But you can lose sight of that very quickly when you’re in someone’s life for a long time. It’s so important.”