‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran Says This Can Be a Deterrent For Women Both Personally and Professionally

Barbara Corcoran is one of the most sought-after investors on  ABC’s Shark Tank. Starting her real estate empire with just a $1,000 loan, Corcoran has proven herself as a shrewd business icon who makes a point of going after her goals in full force.

As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, Corcoran has specific advice for women that she feels is important to follow for success in their personal and professional lives.

“Shark Tank’s” Barbara Corcoran | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Overcoming obstacles

Corcoran came from a working-class family as one of 10 kids. Being raised in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey, Corcoran credits her mother Florence with giving her such a resilient spirit. “She had 10 kids. I never saw her sleep, I never saw her lay down. I didn’t even know when she slept,” Corcoran said, according to Inc.

The Shark Tank star battled dyslexia throughout her school years yet saw the learning disability as a challenge that kept her on her toes. “What an advantage this so-called weakness is,” Corcoran told Entrepreneur. “Dyslexia and its insecurities… It sure is challenging mentally, but it sure can keep you motivated, make you money and get you places nobody else is going to get.”

Corcoran went on to build her real estate empire from scratch, later selling it for $66 million.

Get over it

The millionaire investor revealed that her mother was also a very positive person, never criticizing but rather encouraging her kids. For women who have had to endure consistent critical feedback, she recommends moving on.

“Let it go. You need to replace that tape in your head with a new one,” Corcoran said, according to Buzzfeed News. “I had to do it. I had a negative tape in my head — not from my parents, thank God — but from every teacher I ever encountered: ‘You’re not paying attention; you’re stupid.’ I had to replace that self-damaging tape on purpose, and I still do it.”

At 70 years old, Corcoran still can struggle with negative thinking. “At this ripe old age, I still do it, when I’m insecure or frightened and think I’ve made a mistake in judgment,” she shared. “I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, no’ — screech halt — and then I say, ‘You’re amazing!'”

Know who you are

Corcoran advises women to carefully assess themselves in both their strengths and weaknesses. When asked in her Buzzfeed interview what she feels can hold women back personally and professionally, the Shark Tank investor shared that lack of self-awareness can be a major obstacle to success both professionally and personally, where women in particular seldom take the time for self reflection.

“I think a lack of knowledge of who you are is a big one. Not investigating yourself, really asking yourself, ‘What do I do well? What do I do poorly?'” Corcoran said. “Really assessing yourself — I think women don’t take the time to do that.”

The real estate mogul shared that women can often fall into old thinking patterns based on past opinions. “I think old tapes in your head — of what your parents kind of programmed in about what you should be — becomes who you think you should be, and it’s mistaken,” Corcoran said. “I think peer pressure plays a part. I think roles expected to be played — you know, nice girls aren’t loud, and all that stuff — edits you as you go. What gets lost in the shuffle is the true person: Who are you really?”

With a thriving real estate empire and reality show fame, Corcoran clearly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to success.

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