Shay Mitchell Isn’t Interested in Making Her Baby Daddy, Matte Babel, Her Husband

It wasn’t too long ago that Shay Mitchell announced that she was expecting her first child with her now baby daddy, Matte Babel. The pair have been openly dating since 2017 and friends and fans alike were overjoyed for the happy couple. Now, the pair are happily raising their 7-month-old daughter, Atlas Noa, together in quarantine. But, fans are constantly questioning if, and when, Mitchell will make Babel her husband.

Shay Mitchell and her boyfriend and baby daddy Matte Babel
Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

In an interview with ET online Mitchell got candid about how she’s been managing life in quarantine. As Mitchell and her baby daddy are both actors, they both spend tons of time on Zoom calls. To navigate this, they each take over a room in their home for a few hours and switch when they get antsy. Though the Pretty Little Liars alum admitted that some days are more challenging than others, she is relishing the extra time she gets to spend with Babel and her daughter as a family.

Shay Mitchell fans wonder when she’ll get engaged to her baby daddy

Since Babel and Mitchell are living together and have a child, many fans are wondering why they haven’t yet gotten engaged. According to the You actress, making Babel her husband just isn’t something that’s on her radar. Though she admits that she loves weddings, she never really thought about marriage as something that she wanted for herself.

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“A lot of people ask, it’s never been something I really cared for. And I love weddings, love weddings. I can watch them all day long. I love attending, I love being a part of my friends’ [weddings], anybody’s to be quite honest. It’s just not something I care for for myself and it’s something that Matte and I have spoken about,” Mitchell stated.

The ‘You’ actress isn’t interested in making Matte Babel her husband

The 33-year-old also added that Babel has checked in multiple times to make sure that she’s still not interested in getting married. But, Mitchell is perfectly happy with the relationship they’ve cultivated and isn’t willing to rock the boat. “He’s been like, ‘You sure?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we work so well right now.’ It’s great and this dynamic just works for us. It may not always be the ‘correct’ way but it works. That’s how I sort of have to go, you know, that’s how I do it,” Mitchell shared.

Though making Babel her husband isn’t on Mitchell’s to-do list, she has thoroughly enjoyed watching him take on his new role as a father. According to the Pretty Little Liars actress, baby Atlas already has her daddy eating out of the palm of her hand and Mitchell is thoroughly enjoying the dynamic.

Mitchell and Babel are enjoying being parents to their daughter

“It’s so much fun to see how already wrapped around her finger he already is. I mean, Atlas has these little hands but let me tell you, he’s all around them. He can’t say ‘no’ already and I’m like, ‘I told you so.’ It’s a special relationship and it’s so nice to see it grow,” Mitchell mused.

It’s clear that Mitchell and Babel know what they want and feel no pressure to conform to societal expectations. Many couples have found success and happiness in long-term partnerships without getting married. We commend Mitchell for doing what works for herself and her family.