Shay Mitchell Reveals Her Baby’s First Word Might Be From TikTok

When Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel announced that they were going to be parents over a year ago, they could hardly predict that their first year of parenting would look like it has. But, thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they’ve been quarantined in their house with their seven-month-old daughter, Atlas Noa. But, just how have Mitchell and Babel adjusted to this bizarre new way of life?

parents of Atlas Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell
Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

In a recent interview with ET Online, Mitchell got candid about what life is like for her and Babel as new parents. The Pretty Little Liars alum was very candid about the fact that there are pros and cons about being in quarantine. As she and her boyfriend are both actors, they’re used to their careers taking them all over their world. But, since they’ve been confined to their household, they are appreciating the additional family time they have together.

Shay Mitchell gets real on what it’s like to be new parents in quarantine

But, being quarantined also means that Mitchell has been unable to visit her family in Canada. The 33-year-old shared that she was excited for it to be safe for her to take Atlas to see her grandparents. But, just how are Babel and Mitchell managing to deal with parenting Atlas 24/7? According to the You alum, they’ve been taking things one day at a time and trading off responsibilities.

“I’ll feed her and then he’s got the nighttime shift. We’ve just been switching off like, literally, a team of players. I’m grateful to have this time as a family right now. There are great days and not so great days, but we need them all to appreciate the other ones,” Mitchell shared.

The ‘You’ actress admits her daughter might have learned her first word from TikTok

The young entrepreneur also shared that Atlas has hit a few milestones while they’ve been in quarantine. In fact, the baby might have learned her very first word from watching her mom creat a TikTok video with her close friend and Pretty Little Liars alum, Ashley Benson.

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“She’s not talking yet but her word right now is wow. This is embarrassing. I don’t know if it came from that TikTok dance. She may or may not have heard that quite often. But, every time she’s like, ‘wow,’ and it’s the funniest thing. I can be doing anything and I get a ‘wow’ from her. She’s obviously impressed,” Mitchell joked about her daughter.

Mitchell loves watching Matte Babel interact with Atlas

Mitchell has also enjoyed seeing how parenting has affected Babel. According to her, Atlas already knows that she can get what she wants from her daddy. “It’s so much fun to see how already wrapped around her finger he already is. I mean, Atlas has these little hands but let me tell you, he’s all around them. He can’t say ‘no’ already and I’m like, ‘I told you so.’ It’s a special relationship and it’s so nice to see it grow,” she shared.

Though being in quarantine with a baby is challenging, Mitchel and Babel seem to be finding ways to make things work. Obviously, being stuck inside isn’t ideal, but they’re making the best of it and enjoying family time together; which is all anyone can do.