‘Siesta Key’: Fans React to the Season 4 Premiere: ‘Kelsey Needs to Be Cut’

MTV’s Siesta Key is back. The show premiered on May 12 for its fourth season, which fans were initially surprised to learn of, since the cast members have gone in so many different directions since the show’s 2017 premiere.

After the Siesta Key season 4 premiere, fans already have interesting thoughts about cast relationships, what might unfold, and who should leave the show.

MTV's 'Siesta Key' cast in 2017
MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ cast in 2017 | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The ‘Siesta Key’ cast has largely remained the same since season 1

When Siesta Key premiered four years ago, the show surrounded star Alex Kompothecras. In 2020, Alex was fired from the show, presumably over racist tweets that had resurfaced. Since then, the show has mainly shifted focus to Juliette Porter, Alex’s ex, who is now dating billionaire Sam Logan. Alex’s father, Gary Kompothecras, remains as the executive producer of the show.

The Siesta Key cast hasn’t had too many shifts since its premiere; Juliette still stars alongside ladies Madisson Hausberg, Kelsey Owens, Amanda Miller, and Chloe Trautman. As for the boys, Alex might be gone, but Brandon Gomes and Garrett Miller are still around. And now, Juliette’s boyfriend Sam is a major cast member, too.

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Fans react to the ‘Siesta Key’ premiere

Siesta Key didn’t hold back any drama in its season 4 premiere. Brandon Gomes cheated on ex-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo with a woman named Delaney; the two met at one of his concerts. Now, Gomes is navigating fatherhood with a new woman while simultaneously trying to win Camilla back. Chloe is working on reinventing herself; she now meditates and has even developed a lifestyle brand she claims to be leaving her bad attitude behind. And Kelsey and Juliette are a whole other drama-fest.

“I respect the change,” one user wrote on Instagram about Chloe’s progress.

As far as Brandon goes, people don’t seem to feel bad for him. “Brandon need [sic] to grow up!!!” one person wrote under another Siesta Key Instagram post.

“He’s the one that cheated in the first place so he kind of gets what he deserves,” someone else wrote about Brandon.

As far as Brandon’s baby’s mother goes, people are starting rumors about how “accidental” the pregnancy actually was.

“I’m getting stalked and planned pregnancy vibes from this girl,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“I’m getting the vibe she wants to be more than co-parents with Brandon,” another person wrote.

‘Siesta Key’ fans are turning against Kelsey Owens

The real drama of the premiere was between Kelsey and Juliette — because everyone knows that Juliette is never far from drama. The two have had a rocky friendship throughout the series, but last season, things were great (until they weren’t). Now, Juliette claims Kelsey’s boyfriend Max wanted Juliette first. And Kelsey thinks Juliette is only dating Sam for his money. But people seem to be taking Juliette’s side.

“Kelsey is jealous,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Kelsey needs to stay in her lane,” someone else added.

In a Siesta Key Instagram post about Chloe’s journey, fans attacked Kelsey once more.

“Kelsey needs to be cut from the show already,” one person wrote.

“Kelsey really just cannot be happy for anyone can she?” someone else added.

Still, some agree with Kelsey that Juliette is only dating Sam for his wealth. Time will tell how things unfold between Juliette and Kelsey throughout season 4. But based on the show’s premiere, it isn’t looking good.

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