‘Siesta Key’: Fans React to Chloe Trautman Leaving the Show — and Juliette Porter Claps Back

Siesta Key is this generation’s version of the addicting MTV reality shows that were Laguna Beach and The Hills. The show follows a group of young adults living in Sarasota and Siesta Key, Florida, as they navigate the years after college.

The MTV show certainly isn’t without drama, and most recently, veteran cast member Chloe Trautman announced her departure from the show. Now, fans are reacting to both Chloe’s departure and the scene where she informed her former castmates.

MTV's 'Siesta Key' cast in 2017
MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ cast in 2017 | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Chloe Trautman had been hot and cold on ‘Siesta Key’ since its 2017 premiere

When Siesta Key first premiered, it only took a few episodes for the main characters to develop the reputations that would remain with them over the next four seasons. Juliette Porter is arguably the most well-known woman in the crew, and she’s not afraid to go after what she wants. Amanda Miller is Juliette’s sidekick, while Kelsey Owens went from Juliette’s nemesis, to her friend, to her nemesis once more.

Chloe Trautman, on the other hand, developed a reputation for being a bit of a drama starter. Chloe was often talking about people behind their backs, spilling secrets that she’d promised to keep quiet, and creating other problems throughout the show. By season 4, though, Chloe was ready to become a different person.

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Fans react to Chloe Trautman leaving the show

At the start of season 4, Chloe explained that she was a on a spiritual journey to become the best version of herself. She’d cut out drinking, and while she continued to socialize with her friend group, she’d distanced herself from the way she used to be. By season 4 episode 4, the gang was headed to a private island that Juliette’s boyfriend, Sam Logan, had booked for everyone to enjoy — and Chloe chose not to go.

In episode 5, Chloe announced that her Siesta Key journey had come to an end. Though fans had mixed feelings about Chloe from the start, many were happy to see her doing what was best for her.

“She needed to go,” one user wrote of Chloe’s departure.

“Mental health and happiness does come first wish her all the best,” another person wrote.

“I give her lots of props for doing what she needs to do for her,” another fan added.

Juliette Porter clapped back at a fan who suggested she was a fake friend

Chloe sent a video message to her friends who were vacationing in the Caribbean informing them of her decision to quit. And while Kelsey and Madisson cried, Juliette and Amanda seemed frustrated. Fans noticed, and they didn’t shy away in the Instagram comments.

“Not her ‘friends’ laughing at her,” one person commented.

“I find it very telling that some of her best ‘friends’ like Juliette and Amanda are sitting there talking all this sh*t,” someone else wrote.

However, Juliette clapped back at the latter comment, saying that she and Amanda weren’t crying because they knew they’d see Chloe again — hinting that the others wouldn’t.

“Amanda and I didn’t cry because we actually see Chloe when we’re not filming … We just didn’t want her quitting a really good paycheck,” Juliette commented. Ultimately, it appears that Chloe is still on good terms with Juliette and Amanda.