‘Siesta Key’: Madisson Hausburg Claps Back at Fan Who Says She Should No Longer Be on the Show

For the first two seasons of Siesta Key, viewers watched Madisson Hausburg have relationships with Brandon Gomes and then Ben Riney. In Season 3 of the hit MTV show, however, Hausburg has had a relationship with Ismael “Ish” Soto, who is much older than she is. Soto is also a former producer of the show. Her co-stars seemed to question their relationship at first, but everyone seems to now be cool with the fact that they are dating.

'Siesta Key' Madisson Hausburg
‘Siesta Key’ cast (L-R) Garrett Miller, Kelsey Owens, Chloe Trautman, Alex Kompothecras, Juliette Porter, Brandon Gomes, and Madisson Hausburg | MTV

Some fans, however, have continued to call Hausburg out for her relationship. Well, recently, Hausburg clapped back at a fan who said she should no longer be on Siesta Key.

Madisson Hausburg is dating Ismael ‘Ish’ Soto in Season 3 of ‘Siesta Key’

Fans watched Hausburg have a relationship with co-star Gomes in Season 1 of Siesta Key. She then dated Riney in Season 2, but it later seemed that Hausburg and Gomes were actually going to end up back together. 

However, she surprised everyone in Season 3 when she began dating Soto, who is more than 20 years older than her, according to E! News

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“Brandon and I had some really good times but ultimately, it was more of a childish relationship,” Hausburg said to E! News. “There was no future there and these are conversations I have with Ish and it’s a lot more serious.”

Soto, a former producer of the show, has also been a producer on several other big shows. This includes Naked and Afraid, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and America’s Got Talent, according to IMDb

While some of her co-stars — including Gomes — questioned Hausburg’s relationship with Soto at first, they all seem to accept it now. 

“At first, it was a little weird but now all of us have developed a friendship with him but not as our producer,” her Siesta Key co-star Chloe Trautman said to E! News

Madisson Hausburg claps back at a fan on Instagram

Prior to Season 3, Episode 17 of Siesta Key airing on MTV on July 14, 2020, an Instagram user commented about Hausburg on a post from the official Siesta Key Instagram account.

“Can we just all agree that Madison should not even be on the show anymore? She’s not friends with anyone and has zero storyline. No one wants to hear about her dating old man time anymore. Over it,” the comment read. 

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Hausburg, however, made sure the fan’s comment didn’t go without a reply from her. 

“Yet you all follow me still,” her comment read. “Not going anywhere, so I guess I will continue to bore you while striving to be unproblematic and kind and compassionate. You’re so right, the world needs less of that these days.”

Just as that fan seems to be tired of watching Hausburg on Siesta Key, she appears to be tired of her critics.

Are Hausburg and Soto still together?

With a lot of time typically passing from the point Siesta Key episodes are recorded and when they actually air on TV, sometimes the stars of the show are in different relationships once the episodes come out.

So, is that the case with Hausburg and Soto?

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It doesn’t appear to be the case, as it looks like they are still together. Hausburg posted a photo with him on June 17, 2020, and also commented on his picture on June 29, 2020. Additionally, she liked his tweet on July 7, 2020. 

So, whether fans enjoy watching their relationship or not, it looks like they are still together for the time being.