The ‘Sims 4’ Expands Your Sim’s Relationship With the Outdoors Later This Summer

The Sims 4 is gearing up for another round of awe-inspiring additions to the already amazing video game. Within the last year, we have been given the ability to be echo conscious, visited the snowy peaks, gotten busy knitting, and up close with dust bunnies among other special features. The Sims 4 has more in store this summer with its Summer of Sims!

PlayStation (PS) controller and The Sims 4 game logo seen in he background
The Sims 4 | Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/Getty Images

The Summer of Sims Roadmap

The Summer of Sims Roadmap was released on May 17th, teasing about the upcoming events to be released through the end of May, June, and July. Included in this roadmap are hints at the new kit, expansion pack, updates, and virtual events that lead to a secret nature-related big ending. The day after the announcement the first event on the list was released, the Courtyard Oasis Kit.  

Courtyard Oasis Kit

Kits are tiny bites of content based around a singular idea or concept. We have seen three new kits before this one, Bust the Dust, Country Kitchen, and Throwback Fit Kit. Each has a few new items to contribute to gameplay, enhancing the aesthetics or changing fashions around our towns. Dust now accumulates in homes and needs to be cleaned, new kitchen clutter graces our cabinets, and we can work out in the height of 90s fashion.

Courtyard Oasis Kit brings with it the feel of Morocco with its outdoor brightness and relaxation, according to EA. Decorate your new courtyard with bright tiles and a new fountain. Finish off the look with matching outdoor furniture. Want it more open and breezier inside? Use the new windows and archways to create a design that flows like water.

Dream Home Decorator Game Pack

The second event on our roadmap included a new game pack, though when the information was released, it was still undisclosed. We know that the pack is the Dream Home Décor Game Pack. In this pack, you will see the return of the career of Interior Design with some new modifications.

There will be build limits, budgets, likes, and dislikes, to learn before beginning a job. Once you start to work, you will want to take the before pictures to feature in the big new reveal. New kitchen appliances including countertop stoves and separate ovens and modular cabinets arm you to create unique and awesome new kitchens from the ground up.

Living rooms are not left out with the new modular system as the return of sectional sofas is announced. These sofas even have chaise lounge options. Cabinet modulation is not for the kitchen either as modular units are available to create entertainment centers and walk-in closets with super customizable clutter. Even the clothing in the pack is color coordinating! Watch for its release on June 1st!

Updates and future events

The live stream from May 25th revealed a secret they teased in the last live stream, the addition of likes and dislikes in Create-A-Sim. Your Sims can now have a favorite color, music, and more with the system, and it expands with every expansion pack used. This brings new interactions to communicating with Townies and gives your Sims more of a personality. The first update is out on May 27th!

Three updates total will be gracing the summer with additions like darker black hair and other hairstyle changes and changes to bunk beds. While some desired features are still being worked out, they have announced a Virtual Block Party for Pride month with no details yet on how to participate. With the block party, they have planned a special rocking Sims Event of the Summer and the super-secret release of a charming nature-themed expansion pack.

This summer is bound to be a hot party in The Sims 4 with many nature and outdoor events planned. Though some events have yet to be revealed, it is looking like a great way to play through the summer.

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