‘Single’s Inferno’: One BLACKPINK Member Once Visited the Same Luxury Hotel Room as Song Ji-a

On Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno, the male and female contestants get to visit a luxurious resort away from the deserted island. The opportunity to wine and dine in one of Korea’s well-known resorts was something each contestant strived for. One Youtuber noticed the same room Song Ji-a and Choi Si-hun stayed in during Single’s Inferno could be the same room Jennie from BLACKPINK stayed in as well.

Song Ji-a and Choi Si-hun in 'Single's Inferno' in resort pool in relation to BLACKPINK
Song Ji-a and Choi Si-hun in ‘Single’s Inferno’ | via Netflix

Where is the ‘Single’s Inferno’ resort located?

According to the Cinemaholic, the glamorous high-end resort the contestants get to escape to really is called Paradise. The Paradise Hotel and Resort is located in Paradise City, Jung-Gu, Incheon, South Korea. The resort has almost everything its patrons could ask for but at a price.

Their website explains they are a “contemporary luxury hotel offering luxurious and spacious rooms, fine dining restaurants and a stylish club lounge set in an artistic mood and relaxed ambiance.”

The resort has different rooms from deluxe, corner suites, grand deluxe pool villas, and club lounge. When Oh Jin-taek and Kang So-yeon had their second trip to Paradise, they used the bowling alley and massage therapists. The Paradise Hotel and Resort has intricate rooms that Youtuber Andy JB Kim realized looked familiar. BLACKPINK’s Jennie Instagram post suggested she stayed in the same Single’s Inferno room.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie stayed in the same room as ‘Single’s Inferno’s’ Song Ji-a

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Ji-a was one of the female contestants who got more than one opportunity to visit Paradise. When Si-hun finally won his chance to show his worth to Ji-a, he picked her to go to the resort with. Their room was extravagant, to say the least. It had a spacious living area, common area, bedrooms, and an outside pool.

Andy JB Kim noticed the room’s decor in Single’s Inferno looked similar to a hotel BLACKPINK’s Jennie stayed in for Christmas. In Single’s Inferno, fans can see the room is adorned with butterfly paintings, a marble fireplace, and two unique gray ottoman chairs. In his Youtube Short, he compared the room to a post by Jennie on Instagram.

Jennie posted on Dec.25 of her time at a resort for the holidays. In one photo, she sits in the same grey chairs with the exact butterfly paintings behind her. Fans can also see the outside pool behind the BLACKPINK idol where the Single’s Inferno contestants stook a swim.

Andy JB Kim was right. Both Jennie and Ji-a stayed in The Paradise Hotel and Resort’s luxurious Deluxe Pool Villa. The price of the villa is not listed on the official website. Fans can assume it costs a pretty penny as it takes up the hotel’s top floor.

Will Netflix continue the dating reality show with a season 2?

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After Single’s Inferno’s success among audiences, Netflix has yet to announce if they will develop a second season. While some of the cast has faced backlash over how the show’s editing portrayed them, like Kim Hyeon-joong, fans are still hooked on the drama in the show.

To develop a Single’s Inferno Season 2, Netflix can use a new cast following the producers’ idea of having no restrictions when it comes to casting. Seeing as Netflix could afford the luxurious rooms and villas at The Paradise Hotel and Resort, the setting can remain the same.