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Song Ji-a was a popular contestant on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno. However, she has been embroiled in a controversy after fans discovered that she wore many fake designer clothes both on social media and the show.

Song recently had an interview, where she admitted that she used to be happy that people could not tell her designer clothes were fake.

Song Ji-a looking on during an episode of 'Single's Inferno'
Song Ji-a on ‘Single’s Inferno’ | Netflix

Song Ji-a apologized for wearing fake designer clothes

Before appearing on Single’s Inferno, Song was a YouTuber. She makes lifestyle videos under the name FreeZia, and Song often showcased her designer products from brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Prada.

However, after Song gained worldwide popularity on Single’s Inferno, some people started scrutinizing her alleged designer products. Eagle-eyed fans spotted differences between the items she owns and the authentic ones. This led to backlash against Song as some netizens feel she had been misleading the public and portraying a lifestyle she does not actually live.

Song, then, posted a public apology on Instagram. She wrote, “I apologize once again for all the circumstances that have occurred due to infringing on designers’ creations and ignorance of copyrights. As someone who has a dream of launching a brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial parts.”

Additionally, she made all of her posts on social media private except for her apology. She was also edited out of the Jan. 29 episode of the Korean show The Manager. Song was due to appear on the show alongside the CEO of her agency, actor Kang Ye-won.

Song Ji-a admits she was happy that people could not tell she wore fake designer clothes

Song recently had an interview with Korean news outlet Dispatch, where she addressed the controversy.

According to a translation by Koreaboo, Song revealed that she knew a number of her items were fake. However, there were some that were given to her by stylists or other people, and she did not always know the origin of these items. Nonetheless, she continued to apologize for her actions and expressed her regret for allowing the scandal to happen.

“In fact, I had the opportunity to clarify that the Saint Laurent dress isn’t real,” she said about one dress she owns. “But I didn’t step up. I regret that a lot.”

Song shared that she simply focused on how these products look on her. Her followers did not seem to notice that they were fake, so she did not explain anything.

“I didn’t realize what a big deal it is because (even though I bought it off some website) people thought of it as a luxury dress and to be honest, I liked that people couldn’t tell when I wore it,” she added. “I’m really sorry.”

Song also handed many of these products over to Dispatch, who had them authenticated by the Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods. Some items Song had, such as a Louis Vuitton jacket, were deemed to be authentic. However, as expected, others were deemed as knock-offs.

Song Ji-a’s luxury apartment has been brought into question


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In addition to her clothes, some netizens started looking into her apartment as well. Song often filmed her YouTube videos in a one-bedroom apartment, which is allegedly located in a luxury complex called Seoul Forest Trimage. Many celebrities have homes there, including BTS’s rapper J-Hope.

However, Koreaboo reported that Song’s apartment (which could cost about 780 million KRW or $656,000 USD to purchase) allegedly does not belong to her. An online report stated that her agency, Hyowon Agency, owns the apartment and pays for it in monthly rent.

Neither Song nor her agency has commented on the ownership of the apartment.