‘Siren’ Season 3 Episode 3 Questions We Have

Siren Season 3 Episode 3 continues the more expansive storyline of the third season. Freeform’s supernatural drama started its third season about where the second season left off. Ben Pownall faces consequences for his decision to let Ian Sutton die to protect Ryn and the other merpeople. Meanwhile, a new, more dangerous mermaid arrives in Bristol Cove.

This mermaid’s arrival really messes things up for Ryn and her colony as well as Ben and Maddie Bishop, who are helping them. Another new face shows up as well, and though this person doesn’t seem dangerous at the moment, things aren’t always as they appear in Siren. Season 3 Episode 3 leaves us with some interesting questions to ponder. Considering these questions might help us figure out where the show is going

 Is Rob Wellens up to something in ‘Siren’ Season 3 Episode 3 or is he just genuinely fond of Maddie Bishop?

Fola Evans Akingbola of Siren season 3 Episode 3
Fola Evans-Akingbola (Maddie Bishop) of Siren | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In Siren Season 3 Episode 2, Maddie and the audience are introduced to a new face: Rob Wellens. Rob is working on a project to clean the plastic out of the oceans. Maddie goes to a talk of his about the project and asks him a question afterward. Impressed by her intelligence, he asks her to go to dinner with him so they can discuss things further.

The two of them end up talking for quite a while and Rob ends up asking her to stay in his hotel room with him. She turns him down, but the two of them do get coffee together in Siren Season 3 Episode 3. He asks her if she’d like to work on the project with him, as colleagues. Maddie agrees, but later has to say no because of some drama going on with Ryn and the other mermaids.

Rob also, at one point in the episode, comes over to Maddie’s place to give her some food. He even meets Ben. So far Rob appears to be a sweet guy who genuinely wants to do some good in the world. Yet things aren’t always as they appear in this show.

Some fans certainly view him as suspicious. “Rob is kinda fishy,” one fan says on Twitter, “I feel like he’s hiding something or spying maybe.” Another fan says “for some reason I don’t trust this Rob guy.” Perhaps he’s too good to be true.

What other effects will the mermaid cells have on Elaine Pownall, Ben’s mother?

In Siren Season 3 Episode 3, Elaine Pownall, Ben’s mother, decides to try standing up in the pool while she’s at physical therapy. She slips and falls underwater. Ben and her husband Ted are talking in another room but their conversation quickly stops when Ben sees his mother underwater. He dives in to save her, but she’s alright.

She was apparently underwater for a few minutes but is unharmed. Later on in the episode, Ben takes his mother to have her lungs tested. She is able to hold her breath for a long time, the same length as an Olympic swimmer would be able to. This is clearly the effect of the mermaid stem cells on Elaine.

But what other effects will the cells have on her? It’s possible that she might gain other mermaid abilities such as enhanced senses, faster healing, and a longer lifespan than the average human. Only time will tell how the mermaid cells affect her. Hopefully, they will not have any negative side effects.